New Console Announced by Google and Asus: Google Nexus Player

Google and Asus just announced a brand new console, based on Android of course, and coming packed with entertainment features and the ability to play Android games on a TV with a gamepad.

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bit-crusherrrr1883d ago

Makes sense all the other android based systems have sold so well......

orakle441883d ago

Right, I came here to say that as well. An Android based system has never sold well, it's not gonna sell well. I just don't understand how something like this gets ok'd

rainslacker1883d ago

None have ever been actually backed by google though. They aren't really selling a game system though. This would be more akin to a multi-function device that happens to play games. Different audience than from what we would get on here.

SilentNegotiator1883d ago

If Google had gotten this thing going before Ouya and the unlimited supply of crap android systems came, they might have been able to do something with this.

But now, "Android console" has too much of a stigma to it, and that's really going to limit how successful this thing will be unless they put a LOT into it.

SmielmaN1882d ago

Ya. I'll wait to see if they announce some neat exclusives and policies before I consider it, but it's definitly intriguing. I just don't know if I have the time between ps4, wii u, and work/husband/kid duties lol

Kleptic1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

this is no more a 'console' than a smart phone is a 'handheld'...

its just an android device that has its own TV partnerships for certain channels, has a chromecast built in, and can run android apps...some of those apps happen to be games...

gaming is not even close to a focus for the device, its just another option to play mobile games on if you happen to be sitting in front of your TV...

those other shatty devices sold as android based gaming consoles failed because they had no other redeeming features...this is something to compete with a roku or Fire TV...not a video game console...not defending it either way, just stating this site kind of cherry picked the last couple of bullet points of a pretty long feature list and called it a 'console' because of 3 or so lines about its ability to play phone games...

Computersaysno1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Why isn't it called the AsGoo?

Or the Goosus. It's like Jesus but with this it probably won't be resurrected after it's inevitable death.

guitarded771882d ago

Yep because of OUYA's great success, they had to get in the market /s/s/s At least Google has money to back it though. OUYA had nothing left for an ad budget. I know it will most likely fail, and I hate to say this, but I HOPE it fails. What if it did take off... that could be bad for us core gamers.

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caseh1883d ago

The difference being that Google will be backing this one. Deep pockets can go a long way, just look at Microsoft... :D

bit-crusherrrr1883d ago

I think theres quite a difference between what microsoft did with the original xbox and what google are doing.

MS designed a system to compete against home systems, google have made a console that plays phone and tablet games.

If google had made a system similar to the x1 or ps4 running android and where selling it as a full fat system, then maybe there money might make a differnce. But this is basically them trying to make you watch orange is the new black on their box instead of amazons.

uth111883d ago

yes, that is the big difference.

I'm curious about how it will perform. Android being a Java-based system going up against the XB1 and PS4 that are coded to the metal. Seems like it wouldn't perform well.

kurruptor1883d ago

Google doesn't back their products like that though.

They basically create stuff, throw it out there. If it is a hit, so be it. If it fails, so be it.

Jamaicangmr1883d ago

I disagree because the 1st Xbox was a beast. This is just a Trojan horse in my opinion.

morganfell1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


Google does make stuff and throw it out there.

Then they sabotage it.

Chromecast could have been the greatest thing ever but then they started undercutting their own sales with restrictive firmware updates. People really do not need Chromecast to stream Netflix or Hulu. They wanted a device to cast their own media. Now systems are moving past the need for an external device to use such a feature and google has missed the boat. A boat which they could have captained.

Kleptic1882d ago


the entire Nexus line stopped making sense

UltraNova1882d ago

@morganfell & kleptic

I've been saying this for a long time now, Google has to hire a good strategic planner who's is able (and allowed) to put all of Google's divisions into perspective. They are burning serious cash, intelligent work force and worse great ideas when they just throw stuff out there with virtually no planning whatsoever.

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Yodagamer1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Well most of them have had issues. With google behind it i think it could do better than most have. Plus it is the first device to use android tv making it more than just a console. The biggest issue i have with it is the internal storage.

u4one1883d ago

LOL. I was just gonna say "I can stack this right next to my Ouya".

InTheLab1883d ago

Stopped reading at "based on Android"

Magicite1883d ago

Im so excited to play android games on my TV.../s

3-4-51883d ago

So they are just competing against ios games then right and Ouya ?

Once people get a controller like that in their hands though, they are most like going to want more.

Which will lead them to a Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One.

Even might lead them to a Vita or 3DS.

breakpad1883d ago

with that logic Sony should stop supporting android in their Mobiles ..if google enter to the console arena ..except if the android console dont count as cannon competition

Crazay1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Thanks for the opportunity Google/Asus. I love (and own)your products and all but I'll be passing on this. There's just no space in my home theater for a system to play games I only ever indulge in while pooping.

Nilla_Nate1883d ago

I hear they'll have a huge parking lot presence at next years E3.

Hellsvacancy1883d ago

So is this going to be going against the PS4/XB1 or Ouya?

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BiggerBoss1883d ago

I don't see why Google doesn't just make a REAL console to compete with Ps4 and XB1. They definitely have the money, and it would be interesting to see some new competition

darthv721883d ago

Do we really need a 5th generation fiasco all over again???

To anyone who does not get the it. there were like...7-8 different platforms during that gen. It was CRAZY

SilentNegotiator1882d ago

How was that a fiasco, though?

Do you mean fiasco for Sega, Atari, Commodore, and 3DO? Because I wouldn't so much attribute that to there being too many systems as I would to the fact that Sony and Nintendo had WAY better offerings and some of those companies were on their way out anyway.

OrangePowerz1883d ago

There are already enough platforms. Also making a real console costs tons of money especially if you start from scratch. R&D is hugely expensive, getting devs on board wouldn't be cheap either even if it's for multiplatform games they will have to pay, building the full infrastructure, studios and departments.

Yes they have deep pockets but starting from scratch takes very long and costs a massive amount.

RegorL1883d ago

Google is not starting from scratch.

They can use a lot more power than mobiles in a console.
A lot have happened with mobile HW since OUYA released...
(this sector is moving fast)

rocketpanda1883d ago

This is Google we're talking about. They have enough money to sustain multiple R&D projects. Although with this take on a console they are playing it safe and probably testing to see who well it will be received.

HighResHero1883d ago

I would rather they didn't. Just my opinion of course.

donthate1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Google doesn't want the "high end" console market. Too costly to join, but a cheap little device that can grow into a sizeable market in the future. Why not?

It is low risk, potential high reward!

Heck, Asus is likely taking most of the hit and if it is a win, Google gets profit from software!

InTheZoneAC1883d ago

why would it be interesting when Sony should be majority choice? They have continuously offered the best games in each generation since it's debut...

Godz Kastro1883d ago

I think Samsung should as they are much better at hardware.

zero_gamer1883d ago

This device includes a basic remote for just the basic entertainment stuff, and the controller is sold separately. It plays games, but just the Android stuff and is not a platform of its own. Gaming is clearly secondary.

This is not a console by any means. This article is better suited for TechSpy...

Star691883d ago

I think you are partially right. I think though they are banking on Android as being cross platform which in fact is more than either Sony or Microsoft can pull off. There may be support for Xbox and PS controllers: which personally makes a difference. I think the developers will come ONLY if Google can sell a lot of these set top boxes. I don't think Google is so worried about the hardware, but they want to dominate the software aspect. Android game developers could really grow now.

rainslacker1883d ago

As much as I generally like Google, I don't see them being any better than MS when it comes to restrictive policies. Sure google is all about open platform, but they are also about controlling markets and trying to tie everything under their google banner.

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Fizzler1883d ago

Rip in peace PS4 and Xbox One!

bit-crusherrrr1883d ago

Its no joke amazon fire tv is number 1 in consoles on...well Lets see how long that lasts.

u4one1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Why do people think that Amazon rankings are an accurate metric to base things off of. There are so many units of everything that are sold in places and sites that are not Amazon. I mean the Fire TV is not exactly considered a wild success right now even if its sitting at the top of the list and of course Amazon is the place you would go first to buy an Amazon product in my mind.

Th4Freak1883d ago

Rest in peace in peace?

WeAreLegion1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Yes. "RIP in peace" is a popular meme.

Th4Freak1883d ago

So being dumb is a popular thing huh?

MysticStrummer1882d ago

"So being dumb is a popular thing huh?"

Watch Idiocracy, or at least the first few minutes that explain the premise, and try not to get a little creeped out by how prophetic it seems.

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WeAreLegion1883d ago

People don't understand sarcasm unless you put /s at the end.

Yes, they are that stupid.

Imalwaysright1883d ago

true but putting the /s after a sarcastic sentence defeats the whole purpose of being sarcastic.

Jamaicangmr1883d ago

@ Imalwaysright
That's true but people are so mentally numb now a days that if you don't indicate your intent it gets blown out of proportion and thus misses it's intended purpose. I have seen it happen many times on here.

Qrphe1883d ago

I'm not alone at least, it always gets me to see that stupid "/s" at the end of comments

TheGrimReaper00111883d ago

No offence, but it can be hard to detect sarcasm from just text. Besides, for all you know, he was serious.

Now, I do believe he was sarcasm, but personally, I think it's stupid to say that people are stupid cause they didn't get sarcasm in text only, when it's usually noticed by how someone says something.

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2cents1883d ago


sorry, is there something to be exited about here?
Another way to play my mobile phone games on my 60" TV?