My first 24 hours with the PlayStation TV left me quite impressed

GameZone's Mike Splechta: "It's a fantastic system that allows me to do what I've wanted to do, ever since I bought Dissidia: Final Fantasy back on the PSP in 2009. With time, more and more games will fill up its compatible library, making it more than just an extension of the Vita. Though for a $100, it's easily one of the best micro-consoles out on the market."

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Neonridr1885d ago

Can't wait for mine to arrive in the mail. Hurry up and get it here Amazon.

joab7771884d ago

I just wanna keep my PS4 in 1 place and stream ot.

Riggans421884d ago

After reading this, I'm gonna buy one. I just have to decide whether I want to wait and see if there's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal.

Agent_00_Revan1884d ago

Too soon for any deals I think. I would actually like to see a starter bundle similar to the one they have now, except with a DShock4 instead of the 3. Since I'll need a second controller to stream my PS4 games.

Highlife1884d ago

I agree would be a great way to pick up an extra controller. I already have 4 ds3 controllers.

ashen1221884d ago

good good i'll get one this xmas to go along with my ps4/vita

WeAreLegion1884d ago

As soon as they add Netflix and Hulu support, I'm in. I don't want to keep moving my PS3 and PS4 between my bedroom and entertainment room.

SamPao1884d ago

Can't you start remotePlay and then start netflix from your ps4 on psTV? At least until they get netflix onto psTV

Ron_Danger1884d ago

You can't remote play apps.

Yodagamer1884d ago

Nope, Netflix locked that out same with hulu and amazon according to a couple reviews i've seen. Plus netflix has come out and said they have no plans for vita tv which doesn't surprise me as the regular vita netflix app had issues.

prodg521884d ago

@Ron_Danger You can remote play VUDU. I just tried it and it works great.

XisThatKid1884d ago

nah you cant do vid streaming through remote play

Highlife1884d ago

I agree that it should have those apps but at least for me just about everything does that so for me it doesn't matter. But yeah should be there though.

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lifesanrpg1884d ago

Why not just buy a chromecast for $30 bucks? I actually got mine from Groupon for $15.

ocelot071884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Can a chromecast play PS Vita,PSone games and stream PS4 games to it and have access to PS Now?

XisThatKid1884d ago

guess thats enough of that...

Neonridr1884d ago

The TV in your bedroom doesn't have Netflix support? Both my TV and bluray player in my bedroom can access Netflix, so not having it on my PSTV is ok with me. As long as one device at each TV can access it I am happy.

WeAreLegion1884d ago

I have the 3D PlayStation TV in my bedroom. The best I can do is watch stuff on my tablet, but I'd prefer a bigger screen.

Neonridr1884d ago

ahh gotcha. Well that kinda sucks. I guess an alternative down the road is get a bluray player with wifi that has netflix support. You can hook that up to your TV and then access it that way..

Claudinho691884d ago

i wanted to know what apps it has now, and hows the browser. And what apps are about to come out

lashes2ashes1884d ago

It's the same as a vita. So the browser is the vita browser and the apps will be the same apps.

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The story is too old to be commented.