Killer Instinct 720p vs. 900p Screenshots Show That The Resolution Makes A Big Difference

Killer Instinct has received a new patch with the launch of its Season 2, which bumps the resolution of the game from 720p to 900p. This is quite a big jump for the game, which was a launch title for the Xbox One.

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mandf1881d ago

Resolution always makes a difference.

u got owned1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

To be fair the lighting and the contrast look different on both screenshots and that doesn't have anything to do with resolution. So the comparison its not 100% accurate.

Anyway, why is this game not running @ 1080p I mean the game isn't pushing any standard on graphics.

mandf1881d ago

I do agree with your point about the resolution. I was just pointing out a extra 500,000 pixels or so adds detail to the overall picture.

Why it's not 1080p, I have no clue. I do believe the xbox1 is capable of 1080p in a fighting game. I think the developer is not on par coding as some developers.

Dudebro901881d ago

My guess is that it comes down to polish time. The first game shipped on those SDK's that were really rough, plus it was made in under a year.

Season 2 has said to have a similar dev time meaning that time spent is not on optimizing the resolution, but frame rate

mhunterjr1881d ago

It may not be a graphical powerhouse, but there is a ton going on on screen, and every frame matters tremendously. Season 1 was developed in a very short time frame, on a nebulous sdk, and they prioritized frame rate and gameplay over all else.

Now they got to 900p by tweaking existing code. No doubt legacy code makes pushing to,1080p difficult.

4Sh0w1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Gearnuke should try getting screenshots with the same lighting, I can't see the difference otherwise, hell Id say the new Mortal Kombat X is a lot more of a graphical powerhouse but then the game isnt about realistic graphics and blood and gore in the same sense as Mortal Kombat which I believe is at 1080p 60fps on both. No this game is artistic with twitch action combos. So I think this is just the devs choice with a short dev time they prioritized framerate and rock solid net code, that said it looks great and plays even better since it launched.

TheXgamerLive1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Here's my honest view on graphics/gameplay. As long as its at least 720p HD which upscaled to 1080p and a locked solid framerate of 30 fps or better then I'm Happy.
When I play I don't put 2 monitors or TV together and compare. I become immersed and enjoy the game.
Many multiplats actually look better on Xbox One so to say its all about Rez is so wrong.

Gamers that blindly argue for ONLY 1080p are ignorant fanboys that aren't even thinking or knowing what's truly going on.
Argue about Rez and you'll miss what beauty the game beholds in front of you.

aftershock1881d ago

@Xgamer yeah except for the fact that NO multiplaform game looks better on x1 than ps4. Nice try though

Khronikos1881d ago

Less than 1080p is not acceptable to me sorry. Don't even try going 720p on me. I didn't just shell out 500 plus, for PS4 and extra stuff, to play at resolutions that are a decade old. SORRY not apologizing for that.

Dannyh1881d ago

Khronikos. You are missing out on games if you wont play 720p. evil within is only 720p on ps4 and is one of the best game's I played all year

Skizelli1881d ago

Looks like they had to sacrifice some background artifacts for that extra 180p.

DevilOgreFish1881d ago



It looks better, better lighting and the addition of bloom effects too.

If anyone is wondering about the object missing in the background, the environments can be effected.

aceitman1881d ago

@mhunterjr they got to 900p using the new 10%updated sdk to devs ,so there not using old code.

Skizelli1881d ago


I stand corrected. I've played the game quite a bit, but that never even occurred to me. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ben Dover1881d ago


Uhm what? The Evil Within is 1080p on the PS4. Why do you make up stuff?

internationterrorist1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

[email protected] u got [email protected]

Half of the IGN LIST of resolution of games on x1 are below 1080P. Why would anyone with common sense be surprised. That X1 can't run Killer instincts at 1080P 60fps. The only game that envy runs 1080P 60fps on x1 is Diablo 3 . Diablo III is a 3 year old 3D top down game . Microsoft had to help get Diablo 3 to achieve 1080P 60fps and it drops frame In the 50s. I very much doubt that x1 can run a next gen game at 1080P 60fps.

[email protected]

Mortal Kombat X is not 1080P 60fps on x1 . The developers are Targeting 1080p, 60fps On PS4, Xbox One.
Is just more P.R talk from developers. This is the way developers get out of controversy of lower resolutions on x1. The developers just say targeting and delivery on PS4 1080P and 900p on XBO.

[email protected]

What are you talking about? The evil with in is not 720p on PS4. The Evil with in is 1080P on PS4 and 900p on x1.

internationterrorist1881d ago

Half of the IGN LIST of resolution of games on x1 are below 1080P. Why would anyone with common sense be surprised. That X1 can't run Killer instincts at 1080P 60fps. The only game that envy runs 1080P 60fps on x1 is Diablo 3 . Diablo III is a 3 year old 3D top down game . Microsoft had to help get Diablo 3 to achieve 1080P 60fps and it drops frame In the 50s. I very much doubt that x1 can run a next gen game at 1080P 60fps.

mixolydian_id1881d ago

Because it is killer instinct... People will disagree... But it's such a fun game... How many p's doesn't make a fricking difference.

Dannyh1881d ago

internationterroris and Ben Dover . I wasn't making anything up. It was what I read on line last night but now I see that the report was wrong. I can say I was wrong

4Sh0w1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

"The only game that envy runs 1080P 60fps on x1 is Diablo 3 . Diablo III is a 3 year old 3D top down game ."

-Did you even look at the list or are you just trolling for the hell of it, from the IGN list you are referring to even if you don't count the "targeted" games that are not out yet then its more than Diablo 3 at 1080p 60fps:

Forza 5 1080p @ 60fps
FIFA Soccer 14 1080p @ 60fps
Minecraft 1080p @ 60fps
Outlast 1080p @ 60fps
NBA 2K14 1080p @ 60fps
Skylanders SF 1080p @ 60fps
Sniper Elite 3 1080p @ 60fps

-True most ps4 games are 1080p but most are NOT 1080p *AND 60fps so that's not really just something you can knock X1 only for, I mean other than the games above ps4 has a few more 1080p @60fps games but most are games like Flower, Resogun maybe MGS Ground Zeroes is the only graphics intensive game thats 1080p @60fps on ps4 and not X1. Ironically if every game could achieve Ryse graphics at 900p on X1 I'd take it vs those games or Outlast for example graphics at 1080p on X1 yet it doesn't look anywhere near as good as Ryse All things being equal 1080p is of course better but 1080p does NOT = best graphics.

Also its a fact that more games are hitting 1080p on X1 since the SDK update and it takes time for devs to actually use the bump in resources, depending on time and budget some won't bother but going forward obviously it will only get better, that said neither console is a high end pc, I mean FH2 and Driveclub chose 1080p 30fps not because they hate 60fps but because it was a choice to balance beautiful visuals with great performance, hell even pc's have their limits. PS4 is more powerful but just because some devs don't bother to take the time or money to optimize X1 or decide to just get the game out regardless of more room for improvement like Golf Club for example on X1 that isn't a indication of what the hardware is capable of, its like saying last gen that if a dev drop the ball and didn't bother to make a simple arcade game run as well on ps3 as on 360= OMG ps3 must be too weak to run this game.

GameNameFame1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

4show you are just desperate fosure

PS4 is mostly all 1080p with few exception. X1 is mostly less than 1089p

Even fate sdk we still got games coming under. Continues pattern of lower visual. How is that not an indication? Lol

Dev that dropped a ball? Lol so all devs including MS's own just happen to drop ball this gen for x1.

Yup you desperate fosho

MarkusMcNugen1881d ago

900p should be a minimum standard for all Xbox One and PS4 games. 1080p optional. 720p upscaled to 1080p looks awful in comparison to 900p or trueHD 1080p.

Yes, I own an Xbox One. 900p on my Samsung LED 1080p 52" TV looks great. 900p on my gaming PC monitor looks awful. I'm assuming because of size, viewing distance, and a much higher pixel density.

900p console minimum.
1080p PC minimum.

Those are my preferences. Hate them or like them if you choose.

Unspoken1880d ago

Can someone tell these armchair game developers to go into technical depth on how this game is being coded and optimized and on what engine?

Constantly repeating "lazy developers", "this should be 1080p"... yet you are too lazy to explain why?

As for the rendering resolution about The Evil Within on PS4, no it is not 1080p:

"Resolution is the first order of business: the developer opts for an extra-wide aspect ratio, presumably in order to reduce the games' rendering load - though HUD elements are displayed in this region. Based on what's rendered inside the letterbox, however, we're left with a 1920x768 resolution on PlayStation 4 and a meagre 1600x640 on Xbox One. In effect, it's the now-familiar 1080p vs 900p set-up here, but the intrusive borders serve to cut-down actual rendering resolution significantly. Only 71 per cent of the screen's real estate is actually used for gameplay - and the aspect ratio utilised is actually a higher 2.5:1 rather than the 'cinematic' 2.35:1."

VegasDawg1880d ago

How do you know this? Where did you get you degree? Or you just pulling crap out of you arse.

Double Toasted1880d ago

@aftershock..."yeah except for the fact that NO multiplaform game looks better on x1 than ps4. Nice try though"

Looks like you're wrong, lol. There is a little slice of irony too if you look closely. 😜

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Septic1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

"Resolution always makes a difference."

Especially on the internet.

I don't really see a massive difference apart from the contrast but I guess you'll notice differences in motion as opposed to pictures.

mandf1881d ago


I know you're not a crazy fanboy, but you just bought a new console that is being marketed as a hd console. Don't you want the full hd experience? Either the console is capable of it or isn't it.

I do know some developers aren't capable of it. But almost all games on a competing console are 1080p native ( all except 4 of a 128 games). Resolution matters or we wouldn't buy new consoles. Since Atari evry new gen has always been about resolution boost. Now all of a sudden resolution doesn't matter. Please explain to me.

The xbox one focused on the os rather then game hardware. It doesn't make it a bad system nor does a 900p or 720p make it a bad game. We already did those resolutions last gen. Gamers shouldn't be ridiculed or made out to be fanboys because they care about resolution. Resolution matters because of the level of detail a picture retains instead of being upscaled.

I know there are a lot of fanboys that will use a resolution to make your system of choice to seem inferior, it's childish but this all could have been avoided if the internet didn't move the goal posts gen from gen.

The best console has the best games regardless of sales, social features, and superior graphics. But don't you dare say resolution doesn't matter we all care. Not all of us like the results of resolution arguement. Regardless a good game is a good game 720p or 1080p or 8bit.

Goalposts were moved this gen because some of you don't like the results. Septic I know you love games but please rethink your position.

Septic1881d ago

"Septic I know you love games but please rethink your position."

Mate, what position is that? I have always said resolution is important. Just for reference, look at my views in my article below:

The internet has blown it out of proportion mind you. Obviously, with the way the platform rivalry works, one side will leverage any little advantage over the other. That exacerbates the situation here. But yeah, resolution is important. It's just not as important as people make it out to be.

vallencer1881d ago


Resolution is nice don't get me wrong. However all I have to say is minecraft and a lot of indie games. Minecraft easily isn't the best looking game yet it has sold millions. Then there's a lot of indie games that don't have a high resolution or are graphically amazing that sell really well. Super time force is just one. I honestly don't care if the resolution isn't 1080p. As long as it's hd that's good enough for me. But I've always been in the minority to value game play over graphics anyway. But like I said resolution is nice but I'd rather this gen focus on new innovative things in games since they have more power. More power doesn't have to mean super amazing graphics.

MarkusMcNugen1881d ago


"I know you're not a crazy fanboy, but you just bought a new console that is being marketed as a hd console. Don't you want the full hd experience? Either the console is capable of it or isn't it."

I suggest you look up what HD resolution is. Consoles have been HD since last gen...

Hanuman1880d ago

These comments above are a really good read. Nice to see y'all are getting along for a change. My point of view; 900p30fps should be the bare minimum.

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ThePope1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I don't know if anyone has ever disagreed with that. More pixels is more pixels. The numbers don't lie. But is all the uproar over the difference between 1080p and up scaled 900p worth it?

My favorite thing on this subject was the comparison between AC:BF. It was a zoomed in shot of the guys pants and that oscillated quickly back and forth. If that's what it takes to see the difference. Its not worth the craziness that surrounds the subject.

SilentNegotiator1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

"I don't know if anyone has ever disagreed with that"

Are you new here?
He's just one example of someone arguing that native resolutions are matched by upscaled resolutions unless the textures are different qualities. Apparently, they have no idea what aliasing is and think that upscaled resolutions are created EXACTLY the same way.

1881d ago Replies(3)
s8anicslayer1881d ago

But people will downplay the whole resolution gate saying that there is no difference between 1080p vs 900p, but they can see the difference between 700p and 900p because it's from the same camp.

ThinkThink1881d ago

One seems quite a bit brighter than the other but other than that I don't see a difference.

Mithan1881d ago

Not really, depends how much.
720 to 900p? Big difference, especially up to about 50" screens. 900p to 1080p? Less, unless on bigger screens.

Godz Kastro1881d ago

Wasnt the first season 1080p? I have it and I dont see how much clearer it can get.

CYCLEGAMER1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

My point exactly! I wouldn't be shocked that the people who are commenting on the resolution of this game dont even own it, they are just judging how the game looks based on what they are hearing or being shown over the internet. The game is and has always looked great and clear.

This whole resolution thing is completely blown out of proportion by fanboys, and I noticed this as soon as I turned on my PS4 and XB1 in November of last year.

VealParmHero1881d ago

well, yes, it is obviously going to be better with a higher res. But this seems to have more enhancements than a simply res buff. Kind of misleading. The whole thing looks different...blacks in particular


I ACTUALLY OWN the game and did not notice any difference in quality and graphics of the game, the game still looks as good as always.

brads41881d ago

Law of diminishing returns applies as the resolutions get larger and larger. 720 vs 900 is a bigger gap than 900 vs 1080. Very different.

SquillieDeeWilliams1881d ago

@ Kronikos, you don't have to worry one bit... You can't play KI on PS4 , your good...

neoandrew1881d ago

Not really, to a degree in games, you can bump resolution even to 4k on pc, but it still won't give you an ultra realistic look, you need better algorithms and a lot more of computing power to actually make it look a lot better, simple resolution bump just can't gibe you that.

Here it is, a 720p pictures of soldiers

Even the most powerful pc and most realistic game can't render at this level of quality, even in 4K, still those are only 720p.

If i would have to choose i would choose 720p with that graphics...

Azzanation1881d ago

Dont be fooled, theres more to this patch then the resolution upgrade. Goes to show that games can change resolution after release. Good to see Killer Instinct looking better over time

stuna11881d ago

Or better yet, now it makes a difference! /s

3-4-51881d ago

720 to 900 makes a bigger difference than 900 to 1080p though...

So if an XB1 game has a slightly less good's just not going to matter.

What is noticeable is the change from 720 to 1080 though.

user56695101881d ago

yep it always does unless we're talking about 4k then we have to make up every excuse and downplay who ever is able to play these games at that res. let only recognize our advantages and act like 1080p is new and act like new technology is no big deal.

Back-to-Back1881d ago

So the upped a last gen resolution to the one of the lowest passable resolutions for next gen. This is so Microsoft to do.

THamm1881d ago

Umm no 1080p due to lazy devs. I recall something about that being the reason for pew 2015 not too long ago...

Spotie1881d ago

Unless you own an XB1, apparently. Then it doesn't matter.

...until a game has the same resolution as the PS4 version, that is.

For the rest of us, they may not be the most important thing, but they still matter.

Bennibop1880d ago

I have to agree that resolution makes a difference. I am using a 4k tv to game on and have my PS4 plugged and until recently had my X1 also plugged in. Unfortunately have had to move x1 as upscaled 720p and some 900p images just don't look good.

TAURUS-5551880d ago

exactly the resolution is quite important in videogames. its just that the xbox1 owners deny it so they can feel good about their "not highest resolution" console.

VegasDawg1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@internationterrorist--Thats the most ignorant thing I've seen a fanBOY say, get a clue. You can't be that dumb...lmao.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1881d ago

720 - 900 is a bigger leap than 900 - 1080 visually despite the 180 differences in both.

Ezz20131881d ago Show
Neonridr1881d ago


720p = 1280 x 720 = 921,600 pixels

900p = 1600 x 900 = 1,440,000 pixels

1080p = 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels

720p --> 900p = difference of 518,400 pixels

900p --> 1080p = difference of 633,600 pixels

the_dark_one1881d ago

just did the same right now :D

1881d ago
Volkama1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Edit: Way too slow!

nicksetzer11881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Too bad you math is wrong. Pixel count is the wrong comparison to make. (Unless you are just a blind fanboy pushing an agenda) resolution, as well as almost ALL visual assets, is affected by the law of diminishing returns. Ignoring that doesn't make it reality

First, we already know the human eye can much more easily distinguish 720p-900p than 900p (not to mention the upscaler on ALL games) to 1080p. The more dense the pixels are at the lower end the bigger impact it has. For example you could saying going from 1080p to 1280×2160 is a HUGE jump as well going by total pixel count, but in comparison the increase is not as noticable because the % change is small. Just the same 480p to 720p is HUGE but the total pixel increase is very small.

Second, Pixel fill ovbiosuly grows exponentially as it is a square function. What actually should be compared is the % of growth. In which case 720-900p is much larger. The % increase is 56% vs 44%.

Lastly, IQ is MUCH more than just resolution you can easily have a 1080p image that looks more jaggy than a 900p image, especially when it comes to gaming. Aliasing, antistropic filters, shading and many other things become much more important when you reach certain reaolutions.

Is 900p better than 1080p? Certainly. Is it a HUGE difference? No. Is it a bigger difference than 720p-900p? No.

Mithan1881d ago

Your ignoring screen size and other factors. Raw numbers dont matter.

Azzanation1881d ago

There isnt much difference to the eye from 900p to 1080p. Even though theres a bigger gap in pixels, its no different in trying to see the difference between 80, 000 polygons and 100, 000 polygons. Diminishing returns starts to kick in past 900p.

rainslacker1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The noticeable difference may be less on a smaller screen, so what he said isn't entirely inaccurate. On bigger screens though, it's pretty apparent.

In this case, what nick says is probably the best to go least in the pixel density case. On a bigger screen, the pixels are less dense, so the difference, no matter the percent, becomes more important the bigger the screen gets.

iiorestesii1881d ago

How did he get disagrees??? ROFL

jetlian1881d ago

Wrong neon 720 to 900 is a 56 percent increase vs 900 to 1080 which is a 44 percent increase.

How to get that answer divide 518400 by 921600. Then do 633600 by 1440000

Anonagrog1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

As well intended as your comment was, it doesn't make sense to compare the differences in resolutions by looking at just the increases in pixel count. The way pixel count increases with resolution is an exponential relationship, not a linear one. As such:-

An increase from 720p to 900p represents a 56% increase in number of pixels.

An increase from 900p to 1080p represents a 44% increase in number of pixels.

If we remove subjectivity from this and qualify a "bigger leap... visually" as being gauged on just pixel count, then the jump from 720p to 900p does actually provide the "bigger leap".

edit:- Ah, it seems others already made this point further below.

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the_dark_one1881d ago


2073600-1440000= 633600

So no 720p to 900p isnt a bigger leap the 900p to 1080p

Neonridr1881d ago

lol, great minds think alike.

starrman19851881d ago

He did state visually, rather than literally. I think he meant if you look at a 720p game and then a 900p game your eyes will notice more of a difference than looking at a 900p game compared to a 1080p game.

Neonridr1881d ago

@starrman1985 - I guess I can agree to that. Although realistically, unless you are playing from a mere couple feet away, going from 720-900 or 900-1080 is probably a lost cause. At 10+ feet away from your TV that sort of upgrade will be negligible at best..

aquamala1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

@starrman1985 720p->900p feels like a bigger difference because it is

720p->900p is 56% increase in pixels
900p->1080p is 44% increase