A Link to the Past Is the Definitive Legend of Zelda Game

Retrovolve: Now, when we think of The Legend of Zelda, we think of a lot of things. There’s the dungeon crawling, the magical items, and, of course, the mcguffin hunting. But when you boil down the series into its base parts, I think it becomes obvious that A Link to the Past is what we think of when we think of The Legend of Zelda.

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Snookies121882d ago

It's always what I think of with a Zelda game. It's also my favorite of the series. I've played that game through so many times...

Neonridr1882d ago

Have to agree with you there. I have played almost every Zelda game in existence with the exception of a few handheld versions and the SNES game is by far my favorite.

NukaCola1882d ago

Agreed. Even though OoT is great, it's not LTTP great. The world was amazing and the game from beginning to end was just incredible. It's still to this day my favorite of all of them, and I too have only not played a few. (But those were Zelda's Adventure, Seeds of Evil and the Winds of Gamillion...or whatever those CD-i abomination were called).

Actually I think my top 3 are:
Wind Waker
Minish Cap (I personally think all the Zelda handheld games are really good. The Oracles were excellent and Link's Awakening is one of my fav gameboy games of all time)

Dannycr1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Favorite as well and that is the reason why I commend a Link Between Worlds as well. Such a beautiful tribute to the majesty of ALTTP. The remade graphics, the remade music (plus the amazing new music) it's just a great tribute to the best of the series.

Basically every game (and Zelda games as well) took a LOT of features (like light/dark world traversal) from this game and part of the reason why I will always consider the SNES the best console ever made (so far).

My top 5 Zelda games are:

A Link To The Past.
Oracle of Seasons/Ages.
A Link Between Worlds.
Minish Cap
Twilight Princess.

The 10th Rider1882d ago

When I was a lot younger I played this at my friend's house all the time...He had a cartridge that kept losing it's save data. We had to keep playing it until we could play it all the way from beginning to end. The first half of the game is burned into my memory banks. Definitely my favorite Zelda game!

Scatpants1882d ago

It was fun, but it could be played through really quickly.

TwistedMetal1882d ago

lol quickly? maybe on a speed run after you played it a ton of times already. this game was beyond epic and huge finding all the secrets was crazy to. some them dungeons had my noggin hurting especially the one where u had to use the magic red blocks and the fire torch while riding on the moving conveyer thing over a bottomless pit. it had an insane amount of dungeons to.

Scatpants1881d ago

I beat it in 2 days on my first playthrough.

BranWheatKillah1882d ago

I don't even need to read this article.


Fatty1882d ago

It's been my very favorite Zelda game ever since the first time I played it, which was about 4 triple-bypasses ago. I fired it up last year and played it all the way through again. It still holds up as a great game.

ChickeyCantor1882d ago

Fired up? You mean fried up?

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The story is too old to be commented.