PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Won’t Be Delayed “Unless there’s a Zombie Apocalypse,” CTO Clarifies

Looks like a couple new career opportunity ads from Ready at Dawn caused some to argue that The Order : 1886 might be delayed further.

Luckily CTO Andrea Pessino dropped the axe on the idea, in a very clear cut way.

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Forn1883d ago

Sweet. Really excited that I get to play this, Bloodborne, and The Witcher all in the same month. It's going to be insane!

nX1883d ago

After last gen, I prefer playing only one game at a time because otherwise I might lose interest in the others too fast (for whatever reason). So I for one won't be able to enjoy all three within one month (even though I'm excited for all of them) because after February 6th, Bloodborne will consume me from the inside :D

HeavenlySnipes1883d ago


I'll probably pick up The Witcher first and the other 2 later

NukaCola1883d ago

Well they just confirmed it...1886 delayed and THE LAST OF US 2 is coming to PS4!!!

I kid...

1. Don't delay this. It looks awesome.
2. Naughty Gods, we know you always deliver.

Jaqen_Hghar1882d ago

A man will be skipping Bloodborne though it looks great if you're into that sort of thing. The Witcher will have to wait since a man is so stoked for this he already has the CE preordered though The Witcher looks fantastic and will be bought when it goes down to $30 or so since April and May will probably see it down to that price.

Rick_Ross_Boss1883d ago

As long as the game is good. Delays always seem to spark trouble in the end

DoomeDx1883d ago

A lot of games that have been delayed lately did not turn out so well.

Watch_Dogs, The Crew, Drive Club (imo a great game. Shame other people dont like it)

jukins1883d ago

@doomed those games werent bad at all sans the crew with it not being out. Overhyped and overpromised yea but not bad.

Sometimes though a publisher and or dev just put out an unrealistic release dadate or are optimistic in thier team

OsirisBlack1883d ago

@DoomeDX People like driveclub but its a PS4 exclusive so .... you know "Concern"

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Patrick_pk441883d ago

@DoomeDx It can go both ways though. If it released earlier, the games might have been even worse. Developers just have to put effort into their work and make a good product, rather than a pile of poo.

DJustinUNCHAIND1883d ago ShowReplies(1)
dcj05241883d ago

I'll take that with a bowl of salt.
Not particularly excited for this 1 but bloodbourne is gonna be fantastic.

ScottyHoss1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Is this the reason for the bowl of salt?

(it's a joke)

PaleMoonDeath1883d ago

Is it wise to release a game amongst heavy hitters like The Witcher and BloodBorne? sure you could argue BloodBornes a new IP, but it's really not.

Here's hoping it all goes well, I'm going to be feeding on Noodles that entire month.

Inception1883d ago

"Is it wise to release a game amongst heavy hitters like The Witcher and BloodBorne?"

I don't see why not. The three of them played differently and they had their own market.

"sure you could argue BloodBornes a new IP, but it's really not"

It IS a new IP, even though it share some element with Demon's / Dark Souls.

nX1883d ago

I would say that all of them have a very similar target group, and all these February RPG's might steal the excitement from The Order:1886. I wish RAD lots of success but I would've preferred their game a little bit later (and therefore more polished). I will definately buy it though, just not at launch.

PaleMoonDeath1883d ago

Going by my disagrees, let me clear up some logic for you folk, working class average joe, could afford one or maybe two games a month, two established well known IP's like the Witcher or Bloodborne (Souls game), and an out of the blue new IP.

If cash is short that month I'll buy Bloodborne solo, if not I'll buy Bloodborne and The Witcher, new IP's aren't always a good thing, and going against these two in the same month is a stupid move. Move it to March, and I'll likely get it as I'd have cash, much like other people who work and have bills to pay.

Inception1883d ago


I can see the same target group between The Witcher and Bloodborne because both of them is action-RPG, even though both got their own style and fanbase. But for The Order, it targets the TPS / adventure market. So i don't see Bloodborne or The Witcher can steal The Order sales.


Listen kid. Like i said before, the three of them got their own market and that's why they will not cannibalize each other.

And we're not talking about you who prefer Bloodborne / The Witcher over The Order because you didn't trust new IP and don't have enough money to buy two games in the same month. But we're talking a MARKET here, which means the possibility of hundreds, thousands, or a million of people who will buy The Order because it is more appealing to their taste compare to The Witcher or Bloodborne.

Imalwaysright1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

There are people that are interested in both genres (I don't now anyone that only likes one genre) and there are people that can only afford 1 or 2 games each month.

Also, while Bloodborne is a new IP, it still is a Souls game through and through. TW3 and Bloodborne WILL "steal" 1886 potential sales and the contrary is also true but I believe that will be on a much smaller scale.

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theshredded1883d ago

funny thing is that in reality it has more pre orders than both.The other games should be delayed if u think like that

Patrick_pk441883d ago

February is a cluster **** with games. But it isn't quite bad, I'll be getting all three, so it won't make a difference for me. However, I can see more people interested in Witcher or Bloodborne over The Order.

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