Thousands Rally Online Against Gamergate

Since last night, the #StopGamerGate2014 hashtag has been trending in the United States on Twitter, accumulating thousands of tweets and attracting attention from high-profile game developers, writers, and even celebrities. Though the Gamergate campaign has seen a great deal of criticism since it first launched in late August, this is the first time we've seen skeptics and critics band together on another hashtag in a unified attempt to stop it.

Gamergate, first coined by actor Adam Baldwin, is an amorphous campaign that is ostensibly about ethics in video game journalism and defending the "gamer" identity but has come under fire for its links to a wave of harassment, particularly of women, in gaming.

The StopGamerGate2014 hashtag has seen a great deal of momentum on Twitter, with around 50,000 new tweets since last night according to analytics site Topsy. (#GamerGate has had over 100,000 tweets in the past day. Of course, due to the nature of Twitter hashtags, it's unclear how many of these tweets are criticizing either campaign and how many are supporting them.)

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LostDjinn1887d ago

Well they are at the center of it.
Did you honestly believe a site that's proven itself to be a turd isn't lookin' to pin the stench on someone else?

3-4-51887d ago

Kotaku, Polygon, & like 4-5 others sites are ALL in on it together.

* This is like you robbing somebody, but then going online and posting how everybody yelling at you for robbing, must somehow themselves be the bad guy.


People want The Truth, The Whole Truth & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

rainslacker1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Well at least they did say what gamergate was about. Too bad they misrepresented why it's coming under attack, like gamergate put itself in the position of harassing others, since it's those others who are pointing at gamergate saying it's gamergate's fault that are the only ones that believe that.

I wonder...did Kotaku report how strong gamergate was on it's first few days...I'm pretty sure it was a lot more than this. The im not your shield campaign certainly did.

I'd research myself, but I have no desire to give Kotaku a single hit.

annoyedgamer1887d ago

Kotaku doing damage control I see. Also did not take Polygon to go back to their old ways and accuse Bayonetta 2 of overt sexualization.

When Rotten Tomatoes took down their comments a few years back due to death threats did we see countless articles about harassment towards critics? Of course not because the critics getting hate were male.

warczar1887d ago

How do we get that tag trending on twitter?

EliteGameKnight1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

...where do I start? when a group exists in the form of a leaderless system, such as with gamergate, it isn't clear where to look in finding the true motives of the aforementioned movement. This is why you can't trust the individual voices present in said group as there is no central power to verify if a tweet, message, post, et cetera represents the entire movement. This is why you must rely on solid evidence, which is discovered by either side, disregard individual voices and instead listen to the mass group, and by all means avoid utilizing any of the common fallacies employed by natural human habits.

from what I can find, this "StopGamerGate2014" was born from doing exactly what I said not to above, rely on a single incident, such as this shooting tweet (which due to the unfortunate nature of the internet becomes mute), and employ false fallacies, such as straw-manning the opposite party

I challenge any who comes upon this message for whatever reason to take a look at either side and understand what they are fighting for. while there are definitely those that would abuse the name of either side as to further one's own agenda, both sides have those who truly believe that they're view is the correct one. It is predominantly your choice in the side you choose to support. Whether it is "gamergate" or stopgamergate" it is your duty to truly know what both sides are fighting for.

rainslacker1887d ago

I agree 100%. The moderate voice isn't being heard on either side. It doesn't help when the wack-jobs on the gamergate side make threats, and it doesn't help when the figureheads of the SJW side shut out all discourse from their opponents.

Both of these sides is wrong in this regard(at least those people stated), and the moderates are mostly going unheard by the bigger mainstream gaming press.

warczar1887d ago

Who can you trust? At the end of the day I think we all want unbiased reviews and I think most sites on the Internet just want hits at any cost, they have no integrity. Internet journalism is pretty much dead to me, I read it for a good laugh but I don't trust it at all.

The 10th Rider1887d ago

Oh, no! Death wishes from some random person on the internet! #StopGamerGate2014 is obviously filled with hateful bigots!


jebabcock1887d ago

10th rider sounds like a bigot!


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