How PES 2015 is going to beat FIFA this year

A new interview with Konami’s European brand boss Adam Bhatti talks about the past, present and future of Pro Evolution Soccer, and its continual clash with FIFA.

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bouzebbal1877d ago

the more i play fifa the less i want it..
PES is the real deal this year

From a FIFA fan since FIFA10.

nX1877d ago

This year PES improved while FIFA made a step back, me and my friends enjoyed the PES15 demo much more than the FIFA15 demo, we're still playing it regularly.

Yi-Long1876d ago

It won't beat FIFA, simply because FIFA has the licenses, the marketing, years of experience of being the better game (ever since FIFA09), etc etc...

I do know that this year's FIFA15 isn't as good as FIFA14, and that the demo for PES2015 was definitely a step back in the right direction.

Will probably sell my FIFA15 and play FIFA14 again, TBH.

caseh1877d ago

Until Konami get the official licensing for the major leagues so they can use the player names, 99% of football fans will opt for Fifa.

nX1877d ago

Which is the sad truth. I'm playing games for the fun, not for the license... and FIFA is not fun to me. I could write a blog about everything that's wrong with this game but I'll just say EA.

our_games_are_art1877d ago

If it's that important to your you can go and edit the players names and team emblems. Besides that, gameplay is much more important to me. I'm excited to see how konami's player ID pans out

ramiuk11877d ago

thats the nail in the coffin im afraid.
with a game like football its a huge factor imo.

but i did prefer fifa 15 to pes 15 demo and im enjoying fifa 15 full retail,im fed up of repeated commontator dribble though

SaffronCurse1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

The generic jerseys that I've seen for the premier league look fine on PES. Gameplay is infinitely better than fifa this year.

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yankolo1877d ago

I played the pes demo...and its not better than fifa ....

theshredded1877d ago

man if pes had the license...PES 15 has better gameplay and gfx

our_games_are_art1877d ago

PES doesn't have to "beat Fifa " imo. It just has to be a good fun game in its own right, just like fifa is fun.

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