WWE 2K15: What We Know/What We Want | LVLONE

FINALLY! A single word, not holding much meaning, unless, of course, you are a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment. The WWE is based on telling complex stories with intricate characters, with sprinkles of surprises (some good, some bad). On Monday, October 6th, on Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, NY (LVLONE was there), the big, bad Russian heel, Rusev, called out Big Show and started laying into how crappy America is. Rusev was met with a sea of boos as Big Show never came out and Rusev began to gloat and then, the music hit.

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Rainbowcookie1879d ago

Add a freaking full game ...Less dlc

JChimel81871d ago

Agreed. It sux that this is how games are made now. 75% complete and you have to buy extras to fully enjoy it.