Far Cry 4 To Feature Weapons Old & New, Pagan Min Creation Process Very Different From Vaas

Far Cry 3 had one of the best video-game villains of all time - Vaas. The insane antagonist and his quirky mannerisms, all aided by a fantastic performance by Michael Mando, really made Far Cry 3 one of 2012's standout releases.

Ubisoft are looking to replicate that same result with yet another seemingly crazy bad-guy - Pagan Min. The character's reveal certainly made sure that players would remember him, how couldn't you? The flamboyant narcissistic dictator just attracts the eye with his bright purple outfit contrasting with the bleached blonde hair.

Make no mistake though, Ubisoft didn't just copy the winning formula that made Vaas such a fearsome foe.

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Software_Lover1881d ago

I have all far cry games, but haven't completed one.

I suck.

psvitamanfan1881d ago

Mate, get off here and go play them! Especially Far Cry 1 and if possible, on a PC.

Bathyj1881d ago

I didnt finish 2, that seemed to drag on and on, but theyre all great games.

I'm with psvitamanfan, FC1 is one of my favourite shooters of all time, although its pretty dated now and hard to go back. Hopefully FC4 will have that same magic.

Kryptonite42O1881d ago

all were great games but at least finish 3... 3 was epic.