Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel Review.

As part of its desire to expand a healthy peripheral base for Xbox 360, Microsoft decided not to endorse any third-party manufacturer as its official controller or steering wheel sponsor like Sony did with Logitech for Gran Turismo. Instead, it sunk in time and money of its own to create a high-end steering wheel that's both sleek and functional.

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DeathNote14437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

i like the idea of them making it. pretty good review too.
but, the 360 is TOO peripheral based for my liking. i'm sure people want the steering wheels. i never got into racing, so i wont make an investment like that. but with ps3's controller, i'll have the same fun using motion to control the car rather than analog sticks. same goes for the wii.

BoneMagnus4437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

I'm not following you. If you are saying that the Sixaxis allows for an added element of immersion with a game without having to purchase something additional, I see your point.
This wheel is for realistic immersion - similar to the guitar for...those guitar games or the dance pad for DDR - you actually dance.
I'm sure Sony will create/license a wheel for GT on the PS3 the way they did with Logitec on the PS2.
So, while I see your point, comparing the sixaxis to this wheel is flawed thinking because of the different purposes of each item - the sixaxis being a general purpose/flexible feature for many types of games and this wheel being a highly specialized unit for one type of game. Make sense?

TheXgamerLive4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

Whenever a sony fony fanboy feels the inadequacy's of the so called ps3 due to an MS add on or nintendo add on, they start this lieing crap. Are you sooo stupid that you don't realize that "Any" and "ALL" games systems can play any racing game right out of the box?
Also Microsoft, Nintendo and even fony sony add periphreals to there system as added immersion tools for the gamer, it's a common sence knowledge thing, for most anyway's.
The Xbox 360 sterring Wheel add on is just that, a total immersion device that's available to anyone who wants just that a total driving experience with a realsitic steering Wheel and gas and brake etc...but, an awesome experience with the Xbox 360 controller w/rummble can be had just as easy
Oh, and an FYI for ya lil boy, your so called ps3 and it's "suxxases" controller doesn't have rummble so playing any game much less a racing game with it is like playing nothing at all, boring very boring.

Now, shut up, pay attention and ya might learn something about gaming.

power of Green 4437d ago

Just because Sony has the Blu-ray drive in the PS3 that makes less peripheral based?.

PS3's controller's are not in the same ball park as the anolog sensitive triggers on the 360 controller and the wheel.

You're not into racing yet you like playing PS3 racers with the tilt?.

DeathNote14437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

did I mention blu-ray at all? no i didn't. it's funny how anal people like you get when someone mentions how perphial based MS products are.

Wii and the ps3 can race out of the box with steering motion, unlike 360 needing another addon. that's the only point. don't think so hard.

sorry, the steering wheel is not in the same ballpark as sony's and nintendo's motion sensitivity.

correct, i never liked racing, until i raced with the wii's and sony's tilt. the says a lot. stop trying to start a console fight. i said some people may like steering wheels better. apparently you like them and the 360 better. whatever. you're not worth anymore of my time. sorry.

power of Green 4437d ago

No one said you mentioned Blu-ray but that's the only thing that's different as peripherals go, anything else for both console are peripheral or add-ons. lol.

Motion sensing isn't rumble or force feedback you feel the car" which gives you a much richer experiance.

And speaking of not being worth some bodies time you just wasted 1 minute of my life responding to your contridicting post.

Madmax12819804437d ago

but the 360 isnt the only console that needs addons for Instance in oder to play retro games on the wii you need a different controller and as for the ps3 in order to play games in hi-def you need to buy a component cable or a hdmi cable or hows this for adons if the ps3 controller dies you need to buy a new one coz u cant change the batt.

BIadestarX4437d ago

power of green II is right about saying, "Just because Sony has the Blu-ray drive in the PS3 that makes less peripheral based?." (Expect peripheral for the PS3 or even the wii). How close to the real experience do you think this motion sensitive idea will take you? Which one feels more like the real thing, steering wheel or a motion sensitive controller? A light gun or the wiimote. Lets not forget the force feedback, brakes and gas pedals, stick shift, etc that the wii nor the ps3 remote can possibly offer. Why do you think guitar hero comes with a unique peripheral? Which one do you think feels more real the wiimote/ps3 remote or a light gun? I hate to break it down to you but motion sensitive technology does not mean the end of peripherals. People buy them because it brings them closer to the real thing and nothing beats a peripheral designed to emulate the real thing. Is the wiimote or the PS3 controller better than the xbox 360 when it comes to some specific games; it may be. Are they better than peripherals designed for a very specific function? PS3/Wiimote = Swiss Army knife. Though useful don't try to cutting a tree with one of these.

DEIx15x84437d ago

That's why Nintendo is even releasing several Wii shells that you place your controller into including a gun and wheel with the sole purpose of making the controller closer to the real thing. Even with how advanced the Wii controller is they still feel the need to make peripherals so i truly do not understand why Sony feels they are different. Peripherals give more to gamers, never hurts them. I would rather have the option than no option, that's why PS3 people have to go out and buy PS2 cables just to use the PS3 correctly.

Jamesways4437d ago

I was just going to post something similar.
The point of the wheel is to make it more sim like. Sure you can use a ps3 controller, but most race nuts want the experience of a wheel and pedals.
They don't even compare to offering the same experience.

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