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Tin Salamunic: Why is nobody talking about this game? That’s the lingering question everytime Cyanide Studio releases a new title. These guys may not have the absurd budget of most AAA developers, but their works always radiate with personality and great gameplay mechanics. Styx: Master of Shadows is the latest gem in a long line of overlooked Cyanide releases and it’s about time more gamers start paying attention. Styx combines elements of Dishonored, Hitman, Mark of the Ninja and Splinter Cell into a superb stealth adventure that every genre fan needs in their collection. What else? It’s only $29.99! It’s half the price and twice the quality and value of most things released these days. While it still suffers from a few technical hiccups here and there, Styx: Master of Shadows puts the recent Thief remake to shame. Tenchu and Shinobido fans pay attention!

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Sokol1884d ago

For some reason I always enjoyed Cyanide releases. While the folks don't have the resources compared to the high budget flagship companies, I honestly had a great time with their games.

Game of Thrones and Of Orcs and Man were both well done. They have that old school feel to them, both in game difficulties and gameplay.

For those folks that played Of Orcs and Man, Styx is actually one of the main characters who emphasizes on stealth, similar to the rogue assassin.

Look forward to the game.