10 Terrifying Unkillable Video Game Enemies

WC: Now you’ve got some terror back in your games. Not only is the character in the game powerless and scared, but so is the person playing them – and what better time than October, the month of Halloween, to take a look at ten of the most terrifying unkillable video game enemies (and then spend a few hours watching Let’s Play from behind the sofa)?

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Agent_hitman1885d ago

Nemesis FTW!!

That thing was one of the worst nightmare of my childhood back in the 90's gaming. lol

1885d ago
HammockGames1885d ago

Not a bad list. Agree with Nemesis and Chris Walker for sure.

I'd also nominate the regenerators from Dead Space. Those things were relentless.

burza19821885d ago

No.9 from Parasite Eve 2

1Victor1885d ago

Can someone be a good sport and post the list I'm not going to flip throughout 10+ single paragraph with a single picture . Sites like this should be banned from N4G

Spotie1885d ago

They'll never be banned, though. I was interested in this article, and might have clicked. But as soon as I saw what site it was, that went out the window; like you, I was hoping someone would post the list, cuz whatculture gets no hits from me.

1885d ago
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