No Netflix on PlayStation TV and ‘no current support plans’

If you want to watch Orange is the New Black on your PlayStation TV, you’re out of luck.

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pwnsause_returns1882d ago

talk about shooting yourself in the do you not plan for this months before launch, heck, a year before launch since this device was out in the East last year...

Yodagamer1882d ago

Sony and making plans for anything vita has unfortunately been lacking for ages now. It's a shame really, the vita and ps tv could be so much more had sony actually tried.

darthv721882d ago

Im going to use a phrase that many have used before.

"I didnt buy a gaming device to watch tv services. I bought it to play games."

Now that THAT is out of the way...I do see how having these features represents a convenience that has been a part of various devices for the last several years. I mean to actually find something that doesnt offer the different streaming services is odd in this day and age (even refrigerators are going to start having

It is understandable how upsetting it may be that this does not have that but it isnt the end of the world. Sony is wanting to have their own dedicated service on the same lines. they can't promote their own while supporting the competition.

if you want netflix, there are a multitude of different options available. the PSTV is just not one of them (for now). The PSTV will sell regardless because the majority who are interested are interested because of remote play, PSNow, PSP and Vita game support.

THOSE should be the reasons to buy.

Death1882d ago

Sony has been planning for over a year for the PlaystationTV. They have been hard at work on a subscription TV plan. The deal they made with Viacom last year has finally gone through the approval process and is something we should hear more of soon.

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uth111882d ago

I guess Sony never intended to take on Roku/Apple TV, etc directly and instead are limiting this to PS4/Vita owners

Death1882d ago

The profit margin for selling a $99 media box is much smaller than the profit margin on subscription services.

tubers1882d ago

That's what I've been suggesting for months now. That it's not exactly a set-top box competitor due to the lack of certain 3rd party programs/support.

If you have really been adamant about purchasing a VTV for that, might as well wait for the actual device to get Netflix, etc. not just assume stuff early on and only 720p/1080i for a 2014 Western entry 0.o

bothebo1882d ago

More well coordinated competence at Sony.... Great job with the Vita and great job with the TV.

1882d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.