What made you buy the game you are playing right now?

What made you buy the game you are playing right now? Ask yourself. What made you choose that game over all the others? Why that one? Daniel New looks at some of the reasons we decide to pick one game over another.

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TimeSkipLuffy1878d ago

I currently have more fun with Borderlands then I had with Destiny. Maybe because I am a solo or couch coop player type. I like games with a good story and characters I remember. Either my own or NPCs.

Ballsack1878d ago

Just picked up the latest gow on ps3 for six pounds...

Ps3 can still pump out graphics

Paprika1878d ago

Currently playing mass effect 1.... it shits on every single current gen game to date. Literally perfection, mass effect 4 will be better than cheese on toast!

The Meerkat1878d ago

Optional side quests in ME have more depth to them than the whole of Destiny.

Fkhalf161878d ago

well its is Bioware game, they are renown for their storytelling. KOTOR is still my favourite Bioware game out of them all.

Paprika1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Whoever disagreed, tell me a current gen game with a better narrative than mass effect? Or characters, the lore, world design, unique appeal.

ArchangelMike1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I was so disappointed with Destiny, I was expecting Mass Effect X Borderlands, but instead I got a half-baked shooter.

I can't wait for the rumored Mass Effect Remaster trilogy for next gen consoles. I would play through that all over again in a heart beat.

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SniperControl1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I bought Alien Isolation, once i heard it had VR support after a few tweaks.
I was going to give this a miss, damn lucky i didnt, game on a monitor is good, using a DK2, it is an amazing game.

Revengeance1878d ago

Playing 2 games

Destiny - Friend bought an extra copy and gave it to me. We were both hyped for the game and still enjoy it.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - First one was already a solid fighter but overlooked by many. As soon as I heard a sequel I knew I was already getting the game. Got it Day 1 and think it's one of the best fighters ever made.

thorstein1878d ago

After 3 days, 11 hours, 10 minutes, and 9 seconds of in game time, I am still playing Destiny and loving every second of it.

I wonder what comes next (after the Iron Banner.)

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The story is too old to be commented.