Battle of the Fighting Game Geriatrics

Funny article that compares all the cliched "old guy" characters found in fighting games. As Killscreen Poetry says: "Every fighting game has one. He's the guy with grey hair, bad posture, comical facial expressions, and, if it's a Japanese game, a questionable fixation for female high school students."

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Dir_en_grey4744d ago

They have Jubei but no Tung Fu Ru?
Tung was my fav cuz he's basically Master Rosh. When he turns big and shoots the Kamehameha, you know what's up.

MK_Red4744d ago

Awesome article and super awesome winner. Shang WINS!
Loved this part: "Plus if Shang Tsung wins, the match would probably end in a fatality. Which is always nice to show the kiddies.". LOL. AWESOME.

Baka-akaB4744d ago

Lol there is always an old geezer in most fighting but all they could think about is that dead dude from guilty gear and a gouken that never existed ? :p