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Ninja Gaiden was an astounding entry on Microsoft's original big, black box; it redefined the action genre with bar-raising visuals and amazing gameplay. Years later, it's still considered one of the console's crowning achievements and one of the best hardcore gaming experiences of all time. And as great as it was, it was actually bested by its own enhanced versions-Black, also on the Xbox and, more recently, Sigma on the PS3. Now on the 360, gamepad ninja finally get the true sequel they've been waiting for with the aptly titled Ninja Gaiden 2

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lokin4742d ago

this is what I played on the weekend. It is actually a very nice game. With all the reviews flying around stating that the camera is broken with allot of slowdowns, I was very surprised to see that all those things didn't bother me at all. And I can honestly say that I didn't notice a slowdowns thus far (maybe in later stages) Nice game, sometimes frustratingly difficult at times, but well worth your cash.
I just love those eastern devs, Their imagination is just crazy. I was like WTF when I reached the New York Stage and there are dogs fighting with katanas in their mouths. Great stuff!

Closing4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Shinobi on ps2 had ninja dogs with katanas in their mouths.

lokin4742d ago

havent played it (shinobi). but my point was that it is only eastern devs that can come up with things like that. Same as MGS4... no western dev are as creative in strange things as eastern devs. I think its a cultural thing in the west that we want everything to make sense. For instance these ninja dogs... eastern dev wil throw those types of enimies in and not explain why and how they became ninja dogs.... where western guys would want to explain every single thing

Closing4742d ago

you say something totally factual, and get disagrees. No doubt only someone with total lack of knowledge would do a thing like that. PoG is the only person that comes to mind.

Anyhow here are some pics to educate PoG.


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power of Green 4742d ago

Love the game leaves me satisfied after a-go-about. Too bad the media punished this game due to TI talking mad sh*t and the game being on the 360 when the other one was on PS3.

ChampIDC4742d ago

Yeah, but the other one only came to PS3 after years. I imagine the same could happen with this one eventually if Tecmo doesn't explode.

Mwaan4742d ago

And it took Ryu Hayabusa himself to kill it. Can't wait for my system to come back so I can finish the other difficulties. I might pick up something for my PS3 while I wait. Any suggestions?

Alexander Roy4742d ago

If you don't have it already, I'll say the obvious: MGS4! If that's not your kind of game, there's Uncharted, Ratchet, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo 5PL, Resistance, Unreal Tournament 3 (try the 2D mod), just to name a few that aren't on XBox360. Probably some others, depending on your taste.

timmyrulz4742d ago

Just finished this bad boy and man it was so addictive, i personally never had any camera issues, if the camera wasnt at the right angle then i just held down the y button and it soon sorted me out. As for slow down, the only experience i suffered was on level 13 when climbing up the stairs just before the boss who summons the overfiend. Well worth ever penny and a challenge to boot. I am now trying it on the third hardest level, got to level 5, god knows how! lol

ChampIDC4742d ago

The camera doesn't really know how to work with you, but you can learn to work with it to make it good enough. And yeah, those stairs gave some crazy slowdown, but it was kinda cool to kill 20 ninjas at the same time with the scythe in slow motion, haha.

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