Eurogamer: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Review

Eurogamer writes: "Disenfranchised: no word better describes Final Fantasy VII's once-upon-a-time lovers. Where fans of the seminal RPG would once announce their devotion to the game with boldness, nowadays - outside of the dew-eyed cosplayers and fanfic writers - few would be so ready to admit this is a world and clutch of characters they once adored.

The reasons for this are myriad and complex but almost all relate to the fact that people and culture move on. Where once players were bowled over by Final Fantasy VII's record-breaking stats (3.28 million sales in Japan, 2.92m in North America and 1.77mi in Europe; two years' development time, 100+ team members; three PlayStation discs stuffed with 330 CG maps and 40 minutes of full-motion video to create the largest JRPG ever conceived) today these headlines are neither unique nor necessarily positive."

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Dark_Vendetta4749d ago

Mass Effect 8/10
MGS4 8/10
Crisis Core 7/10
Halo 10/10


FAQS4749d ago

Q: 7/10 for this game?
A: Eurogamer please give up, ok...We now get it, allright? Giving to MGS 4 8/10 and now one of the best games of PSP 7/10? must be a few couple of xbots who created a site named Eurogamer to battle the Dominance of PS brand in Europe!...hey mans, sorry we now understand all...No need to show us more how BIASED are your reviews of PS3, PSP games right!...STOP whith this stupid nonsense alright...Now that We now who you are, you can change your site name, as you dreamed, Euroxbox!...OK you now can change it!

solideagle14749d ago

i agree with u mate. they are complete jerks, The monkeys which looks like humans or vice versa. hahaha

jspc19894749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

i cudnt care what reviewers say. just lately i have played quite a few games that they pretty much said were crap and loved them. when i get a psp agen (i sold my last one due to lack of games at the time) i will definantly be picking this up.

peoples problems these days are that they expect something constantly revolutionary for every single game that comes out, they can't just accept a good game when they c one. sounds like this reviewer was hoping for a messiah lol - someone shud remind him or her that its just a game lol.

PikkonX4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

What planet are they on where fans of FF7 are suddenly apprehensive to announce their love for the game? If anything, since that PS3 tech demo was shown (along with Advent Children and Crisis Core releases), FF7 is talked about even more by the press and fans. With E3 coming soon, it's only a matter of time before the remake rumors start up again. Personally, I think the game still holds up quite well.

coolfool4749d ago

And yet if anyone was to listen to the article, the remake should never be made and would be a big waste of squares time what would be a shame.

On saying that though (warning: This maybe controversial)I wonder if after the 2 spin off games and a movie that a complete remake would be one step to far. I loved the original but I can see their point about the voices of the characters, giving them voices already could change how personal the game could be because it removes individual interpretation of how the characters would sound.

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