Fedora 5 Emulating WinXP on the Playstation 3?

It was just matter of time. Now what's next? Mac?

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kikilala4347d ago

I dont think Mac will be next... but can someone says "Xbox 360 Emulator"... go figures..

TheMART4347d ago

First off, why won't mac be next?

Mac is running on my AMD64 already for some time without any problems...

You must be retarded to think the 360 could be emulated easier.

First off: it has it's own non dumpable Dashboard. With updates etc. Impossible to emulate any time soon alone in programming terms.

Then: You need a machine multiple times more strong then the thing you emulate. Which the PS3 isn't. We all know the game consoles are about to do the same, PS3 having a new CPU that looks strong but has it's bottlenecks (raw power/buying potential compared to an optimalized combination of components in the 360), the GPU of the 360 is stronger then the PS3 one.

Look for example at XBOX and PS2. It is and will never be possible to emulate one on the other. Even not knowing the XBOX is so much stronger then the PS2. It was possible to emulate N64 on XBOX though etc.

So keep quiet if you have nothing usefull to say because this is total bogus. As the PS3 cannot and will not be emulated on the 360 ever, which is just as true.

Furthermore, on this subject: I wouldn't be happy from a hackers point of view that anything runs on my gamersconsole. It's a cheap computer though

I see the PS3 being bought for the wrong reasons. Not to play games, but to use it as an computer... If MAC OSX will be running on it fine, maybe even I would buy one for my girlfriend to do her designer stuff on it. It's cheaper then a Mac computer at least!

kikilala4347d ago

What's so impossible about it?? the dashboard?? the dashboard is a part of it os.. havent u try any other emulator out there?? the dashboard is only needed for the os not the games.. all of the updates involves the OS.. not the games software itself..

Im not sure whether u have heard about WINE.. its not an emulator per se.. but it allows windows based program to run on linux.. and it didnt use that much juice to run.. i think it is possible to create a program such as this to make the xbox360 games run on other platform or PC.. A lot of Windows based program have been tested and working fine with WINE.. so i dont think it will be impossible for the "emulation" of xbox 360..

I didnt say the emulator will be perfect but it open up a new possibilities.. i really think that the single player aspect of the 360 game is possible through emulation.. maybe u couldnt do live on it.. but heck if there is a machine that could play both the ps3 and xbox360... that is just awesome..

Maybe an emulator is not the word im looking here.. maybe i should refer to it as the "middleware" or whatever.. but u get the point..

BTW .. im not saying bad about Mac, but what is the use of emulating a system that have been available for the x86 environment already.. Mac has been running on PC since last year...

TheMART4347d ago

So why didn't we get PS2 games on the original XBOX then? Or XBOX games on the PS2?

You'll never see 360 games run on a PS3. Be sure about that. The GPU for sure isn't powerfull enough

DJ4347d ago

O well, whatever helps you sleep at night Mart.

" You'll never see 360 games run on a PS3. Be sure about that. The GPU for sure isn't powerfull enough" But Enchanted Arms is coming to PS3, and Full Auto made the jump too. I think a few other titles are coming over too, but nothing big yet.

I don't want to get into the GPU argument, but I can say this. Unreal Tournament looks just as good, if not better than Gears. And it's a PC/PS3 title. True, they ran it on a $3500 computer with 4 GPUs, Dual Core AMD, and 2 gigs of ram, but it worked.

lalaland4345d ago

It is theoretically possible to emulate any hardware of the popular hardware platforms on the PS3 -- it is just a matter of framerate.

Theoretically the X360 would be easier to emulate on the PS3 with relatively good performance (and vice versa) as their CPU's are so similar, compared to emulating i.e. a Intel or AMD CPU on either the PS3 or X360.

The reason Mac is already on the AMD64 is because Apple has officially supported the Intel CPU's, and the AMD64 "transition" is only a "minor" hack -- not a full emulation. However a Mac PPC emulator does exist for WinXP, but with relatively low/slow performance.

Incidently, Apple makes comparable cheap hardware when compared to similarly spec'ed Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP or Compaq hardware. And Apple computers can be used for WinXP as well...

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DJ4347d ago

Now to see how Windows XP programs run on it. I wonder how much faster Lightwave would run on the PS3...

UrbanJabroni4347d ago

You are running a windows emulator in a Linux environment on non-compliant hardware. Anyone who has _any_ experience with this knows that it is slow as hell for any "real" 3d or gaming applications.

And given the idea of a 360 emulator on the p.c. is currently _absurd_, a PS3 emulating a 360 is 10X more absurd. This is basic emulation and basic hardware level rules we are talking about here. You CAN NOT emulate something with equal power. The fact that MS managed to even get Xbox 1 games running on the 360 is an honest _miracle_ of engineering.

Also, prepare for MS to sue Sony over this, as they are "enabling" the unauthorized use of their operating system. There will then be a restraining order placed on Sony until the trial begins for Sony to stop this practice, as there always is, and it is "bye bye" Linux on your PS3.

How anyone could see this as anything more than a "gimmick" and still have the technical ability to browse the internet is beyond me.

TheMART4347d ago

Well the original XBOX games emulating under the 360 maybe isn't a miracle. Maybe it's just that a hardware monster under it's white case

InMyOpinion4347d ago

I just think this is embarrassing. It shows that the Ps3 is full of loopholes and that it behaves more like a PC than a console. Remember when everyone laughed at the Xbox and said it was a pc that needed to be updated all the time? Now look at you defending the PC3. Maybe they should have focused more on making hardware that runs games, as most are inferior to what the 360 has to offer.

TheMART4347d ago (Edited 4347d ago )

Ken is right!

It's a computer!

And not a game console.

Oh yeah and a trojan horse 'next gen' drive to help Sony earning money on their format, to not go bankrupt. But maybe just this decision and the 'computer' concept will make them go bankrupt.

Imagine many people to buy this thing to just run their desktop stuff on and not buying any games. How will they ever be able to get the loss of 300 dollars per unit out of it???

Edit: it's official: PS3 is dead even before it started...

" Tonight CJPC had some freetime and decided to install Linux Fedora Core 5 (PPC iSO) along with PS3 Other OS Installer and the kboot from the CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.i so file. Once installed (Installation Tutorial), he logged into the shell and dumped the Extended OS Area (which resulted in 4.0 MB (4,194,304 bytes) by using: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/extendedos.img

Next up, CJPC connected his external USB HDD to his PS3 (since he only has a 20GB stock PS3 HDD) and just (6) days after launch proceeded to dump (read "back-up" to $ony) his Madden NFL 07 PS3 Blu-ray Game Disc (the resulting iSO image is only 7.08 GB (7,597,719,552 bytes)) via the following: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/exthdd/imagename.img

If you happen to own a 60GB PS3, you can use this command instead to dump directly to your PS3's HDD: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img "

Nice Sony. No games sold, and soon only copies flying around

mephixto4347d ago

Man what do you think made the PS1 an PS2 the most popular consoles in the last 15 years?


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