Is the Kinect A Total Failure? Whose Failure?

Recently, Microsoft decided to release an Xbox One bundle that does not include the Kinect—a first for the fledgling system. I can’t say I would blame them: an attachment that people didn’t trust in a world that couldn’t produce good games for it already sounds like a recipe for failure. The question remains, though, who was responsible for the failure of the Kinect?

After all, the system had so much potential. Of all the motion control systems, I preferred the Move, but I could never deny that a completely controllerless system that tracks body movement has the strongest potential for success.

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Septic1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

As a core gaming device, it will be relegated to the sidelines. As a complimentary device its pretty decent. But because of that, it never was good enough to be bundled with the console in the first place.

I think its a shame really. I didn't want Kinect to be uncoupled from the X1 but then again, for Kinect to have even stood a chance to work as a core gaming device, it needed to at least maintain 1 to 1 tracking that was repeatedly touted by MS, which was simply not true.

Even now, I'm kind of taken aback by the voice commands on the console. I do employ them a lot. Also, its pretty cool not wearing a headset and just sitting back and talking to people on Forza with clarity. If someone says 'Xbox Record That' in a middle of a convo its kinda cool. It's also cool that you end up conversating with loads of people at once. For instance, about 5 of my mates came round a couple of days ago and we were all talking to some random american couple on Horizon 2. It was a proper social experience, the likes of which I haven't had in ages (partly due to party chat killing off a lot of the interaction with randoms).

I'm surprised we aren't seeing indie devs use the Kinect device more often to deliver some original games. I've seen a few but I still think there is potential for it.

Oh and things like 3D facial modelling. That needs to be done soon!

hkgamer1878d ago

indies hasnt really made a kinect compatible game yet because it restricts them to one console permanently and they havent found a good use of it yet.

Septic1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Yeah it looks it but its surpising to me. Indie devs have proven to be remarkably original in their outward thinking when it comes to games. I'm surprised they haven't come up with anything yet.

Maybe I should do the impossible and make a great Kinect game and make millions!

Now, I just need to learn how to code (impossible) and come up with a great Kinect game (sexy chatroulette fitness game).

FriedGoat1878d ago

Chatroulette? It would just be a game featuring people stroking their dongs.

Kingdomcome2471878d ago

I think the coolest use I've seen is FRU.

KarmaV121878d ago

I love the functionality in Alien Isolation. Having to be very quiet so nobody hears me and the leaning is done very well in this game. They did great in my opinion

u got owned1878d ago

I think it is, hardcore gamers dont care for it much and the casual already forgot about it, i think its just a gimmick just like motion control.

rainslacker1877d ago

Doesn't D4 use the Kinect to good effect? Heard it was, but haven't read anything else about it, so not sure how it panned out.

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stuna11878d ago

I wouldn't say Kinects is a total failure, because some developers as well as Microsoft can still choose to implement it into games, but what I will say is, it definitely has lost a good amount of market penetration value.

kneon1878d ago

I agree it's not a total failure, but it could result in Kinect 3 being a total failure.

I think a lot of people will be wary of buying the next xbox if it comes with a new Kinect. So it would most likely be sold separately, which means lower adoption and less support.

Automatic791878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Using the Xbox One without kinect feels awkward. To me kinect strength's are voice commands, facial recognition, auto sign in, effective use of video capturing, Skype etc. The hand gestures are spot on but some times to sensitive with that being said, I still love the kinect and I believe developers need to integrate into story based games like D4.

SniperControl1878d ago

Going from experience, i didn't like the kinect on my friends X1, so that heavily influenced my purchase of the an X1 yesterday. I decided to go for the Forza Horizon bundle without the kinect.

hkgamer1878d ago

problem with kinect is that you get no feedback from movement, if i stuck my arm out, would it stop on the wall or would it go straight through.

games like dancing games work well because movement is not restricted.

3d face modelling and 3d animations would work really well thoughh.

Derpy1877d ago

Yeah, if it had been marketed as an enhancement to gaming it might have fared better. IMO, this whole 'You Are The Controller' nonsense is why it's failing. I think that a lot of gamers, myself included, just want to be holding a controller when gaming.

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Bennibop1878d ago

Not a big fan myself. Best part is voice control however I find it hit and miss whether it understands my accent which I find strange as PS camera does not have that problem but is not implemented as deeply into menus as Kinect.

Septic1878d ago

For some reason the voice commands really are hit and miss when you have more than one person in a room I find.

Sometimes I'll give a voice command really quietly on my own, like really naturally, and think oh wait, it wont pick that up but it does and I'm genuinely shocked and impressed. But with loads of mates in a room and you all tell them be quiet and they shout out basic commands, it struggles.

Its odd.

vikingland11878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I'm just curious have you tried the Disney Fantasia demo yet? It's actually pretty good. That's coming from a guy that doesn't care about kinect games, me. I recommend anyone that has kinect to give the demo a try it almost makes you feel like a conductor.

Septic1878d ago

Nah I haven't yet. Is the demo out now?

Bennibop1878d ago

Will give it a blast too. Don't mind Kinect use in Alien Isolation (to peep around corners and attract Alien if to much noise.)

vikingland11878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Yes it's out it's in the XB store. You should give it a try. Get back to me and let me know what you think. That game did'nt interest me at all untill I tried the demo. Now I'm deffinatly getting the game.

Automatic791878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

@ Septic its like a phone to many people yelling you can't hear nor use Cortana or siri, for simple commands and this is why we all go back to using controllers. Personally when I calibrate I find it works effectively. When there are to many people speaking over my commands it does not hear me.

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bababrooks1878d ago

Thought the use of Kinect was great in D4. All in I think Kinect is a great device!!!! that's my tuppence worth anyways...

Mehmeh1878d ago

I dont think Kinect is a total failure tbh.
I bought my Xbox One when kinect was bundled in only, and even though i dont use it much directly in majority of games, I find it to enhance the Xbox One experience.
Ive never had big issues with it recognising me, nor my commands.

If i was given the option to buy the Xbox One over again, id choose the kinect bundle.


First chance I got I sold it to a video game shop,and have not looked back!! Piece of garbage

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