The Evil Within PC vs Current Gen Comparison: PS4 Version Looks Great But Has Performance Issues

GearNuke: "Check out a comparison between The Evil Within on current generation and PC."

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Ezz20131881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

FTW A.K.A "Fail To Work" ?!

Genuine-User1881d ago

I don't understand how a game built on an engine coded for 60fps can't provide a smooth 30fps experience on current gen. Some shoddy work I'd say.

Dynasty20211881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )


Consoles have been ruining PC multi-plats because the devs can't be arsed to make the PC version properly.

And console games are made on PCs for god sake.

"PC version sales are too low."

Err, yeah, because you can't be arsed to make a proper PC version. If you can't be bothered to take the time to make the PC run properly, or edit the engine for it, then maybe we can't be bothered to give you money for it.

Look at Skyrim. Ran and looked great, yeah it needed some menu mods, but it was fantastic. And sold over 6 million on PC alone, out-selling consoles.

--bienio--1881d ago

I don't understand why people disagree with you. All what's you say is true, but prolobly that true hurts this peoples because they can't acepet the consoles are way behind of Pc...

TonyPT1881d ago

Yeah, don't mind the disagree votes. All that you said is true m8.

Melankolis1881d ago

You and other PC gamers should be feeling lucky this time that TEW is on PC too (good for you Mikami is in Tango/Bethesda), Mikami usually make games only for consoles...

So, while you have right to complain anything, at least this time, consider it as as a treat...

LAWSON721881d ago

Another good example is Valve games and Civ5. Truth hurts.

Patrick_pk441881d ago

People who are disagreeing are console delusional fanboys.

QuickdrawMcgraw1881d ago

Dynasty would that not be the fault of devs....Why the hate for consoles...Consoles don't develop games...

IWasHere1881d ago Show
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Concertoine1881d ago

I just got the 360 version and im blown away by how good it looks for last gen. I was just about to say this is one of the best games to show off idtech 5. Did not hear about the performance issues on current gen though :/

the_dark_one1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

the title should also read "PS4 and Xbox one Versions Looks Great But Has Performance Issues" cause its misleading because both, and in the article stated that they suffer from some framerate issues and pop in not only PS4.

OB1Biker1881d ago

Its misleading in that it sounds like PS4 would be the only 'current gen' XD
So it kinda says PC better than new gen better than last gen..
what a news.. anyway Digital Foundry might be the only one worth checking.

the_dark_one1881d ago

DF will always be the only one worth checking when it comes to comparations

BX811881d ago

So if ps4 is in the title, to you that means ps4 only. When you read current gen in the title to you that means ps4 only. Got it. You see when I read current gen. That means current gen consoleS..... That's just me though.

BigShotSmoov0071881d ago

This website seems to omit any news about the X1 unless it's negative news.

retro_1881d ago

Very Misleading title.

I'll await the DF faceoff.

AndrewLB1881d ago

I used to do the same thing... then I read their review of Destiny where they clearly stated that PS4's framerate stayed at a perfect 30fps even though their own video showed it drop to 28fps THREE separate times.

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The story is too old to be commented.