Report: PS4 Sells 360,000 Consoles in Spain, Seven to One Ratio Between PS4 and Xbox One Sales

According to a recent Twitter post by IGN España, the PlayStation 4 has sold some 360,000 units in Spain, which makes the gap between PS4 and Xbox One consoles sold in the country seven to one.

The post, which was found and shared by the NeoGAF user Guymelef, was uploaded on October 14, and is assumed to be recent data on the sales number of the two consoles.

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Septic1877d ago

Flippin eck. 7 to 1! That is no joke.

bouzebbal1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

it does sound like a joke though.. didn't x1 release in spain a week before PS4?
invasión española!

b163o11877d ago

Just shows you how well Sony have rebounded from the PS3 fiasco. There an engine hitting on all cylinders

Septic1877d ago

"Just shows you how well Sony have rebounded from the PS3 fiasco. There an engine hitting on all cylinders"

Yup indeed. And they had no choice but to do so anyway. Goes to show that when a company has its back behind the wall, it will pull out all the stops.

The PlayStation brand is getting stronger than it ever has been before. Pretty impressive considering the two main competitors in the field also going hard.

I'm sure MS and Ninty are paying very close attention n_n

They better be!

Eonjay1877d ago

Spain was a Tier 1 launch country for Xbox One and it went on sale there on November 22, 2013.

nucky641877d ago

what "ps3 fiasco"? considering they launched a year after 360 and at a ridiculously high price...AND they still beat the 360 in total sales, I'd hardly call that a "fiasco". and losing to Nintendo was an aberration. the 2 previous gens (N64 and gamecube) they were WAY behind the playstation consoles and only a gimmick like motion control allowed them success with the, with the fad of motion control gone, it no longer helps their sales and "the big N" is struggling with selling consoles again.

chrismichaels041877d ago

Those sales numbers are very impressive indeed. Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued success.

amiga-man1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

7-1 now thats domination

LordMaim1877d ago

@nucky64: "they launched a year after 360 and at a ridiculously high price"

That was the fiasco. They gave up a huge portion of the market share because of their strategy. It paid off in the long run, but in the meantime Microsoft secured a massive lead. It took a lot of hard work and strategy revision to bounce back from that misstep, and in the end it may have been the wake up call they needed, but it was rough going for a long time. Glad that their efforts paid off too, cause I can't wait to see Uncharted 4. ^_^

amiga-man1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

what "ps3 fiasco"? considering they launched a year after 360 and at a ridiculously high price.

the price for the PS3 was very good and great value when you consider it was the cheapest way into BLU-Ray at the time and offered a very capable gaming console too, it was what tempted me back to console gaming and I haven't look back since.

BLU Ray has since become a standard earning Sony (along with others) plenty of money in Royalties

The year head start is what really caused the gap.

AndrewLB1877d ago

Nucky- And yet Sony lost money on every PS3 up until just a couple years ago. If you want to see who won last generation, take a look at software sales because THAT is where the money is at. 360 completely clobbered PS3.

I wish someone would do the research into how many of those PS3/360 sales were "repeat purchases" because not a single person I know still has a working "fat" PS3. Mine crapped out about 4 years due to problems with poor soldering on the mainboard. Fixed it twice with a heat gun but that only helped for a couple months at a time. I also know quite a few people (like my parents) who own a PS3 that's never played a single game because it was a great blu-ray player and cost hundreds less than stand-alone players did at the time.

badz1491877d ago

7-1? what is this? Brazil?

CrazedFiend1877d ago


Well, my fat @ss PS3 from 2006 is still going strong and I'm gonna keep it for as long as I can. ¥60000 well spent. I hated when they started chopping features off of it but I guess they had to do what they had to do.

but if you're talking about repeat sales don't forget about all those people who got like 3 or 4 Xbox 360s because of that RROD. I'm pretty sure those numbers are going to be much higher.

Gamer19821877d ago Show
Kidmyst1877d ago

Last gen the 360 had stronger sales partially because gamers like to buy the consoles "others" play on, like friends, and just overal competition. With Sony's strong lead this gen, I think it's really helped sales because gamers who want to play online don't want hard times finding matches, the more players the quicker you can form up a match. As the console launches in other countries, the gamers there know already who's playing on what. If MSFT doesn't have strong sales this Holiday it'll be interesting since MSFT have said they are focused on this Holiday.

BiggerBoss1877d ago

@andrew. Are you really bringing up "repeat purchases" in reference to PS3?? Seriously?? Rrod mean anything to you? Where I live, a lot more people have 360s than Ps3s and ALL of them had to buy at least 3 360s. The failure rate was WAY higher than Ps3

Septic1877d ago

Guys...flippin chill.

Look PS4 is selling 7 to 1. No use looking at the past and bringing up old s***.

Let's all chill, listen to house music and relax and get together.

Look at the bright side, all of you on different sides of the fence.

Sony is doing really well.

MS will now be determined to do much better and the pressure is on them to deliver. Trust me, they need that pressure!

We all win! Forget the profit these companies make. You won't see a penny. But we will all get the games :)

#love #happiness #positivity #hastags #cgoodnodontflagmeiknowyourewa tchingme #hug

GameDev11877d ago



I have a working fat PS3, I recently just bought Uncharted 2 and the first motorstorm just two days ago and they are playing nicely

Do your research before spouting nonsense

Ill msg you my psn gamertag if you want to doubt me

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die_fiend1877d ago

This is only surprising if you assumed Spanish people were illiterate.

G20WLY1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Wotta hola lotta PS4s.

GTgamer1877d ago

damn I know a whooping when I see one (•ิ_•ิ) might not see any xone fans in this comment section but hey think about it PS4 already passed its eleven million mark and is on its way to passing its 12 million mark which should happen around Christmas meanwhile the xone has yet to hit 6 million :/

ainTgoTTime2bleed1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

''PS4 already passed its eleven million mark and is on its way to passing its 12 million mark which should happen around Christmas meanwhile the xone has yet to hit 6 million'' SHIPPED!:/....fixed;)

jjonez181877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Around Christmas? By the looks of things we are looking at 12m by the end September-Mid-October. As for XB1, I'm not sure since, they've been dead silent since announcing their 5million shipped number. We do get their quarterly report soon though.

mark3214uk1877d ago

could some1 mention this to patcher lol hes a bit delusional

DonFreezer1877d ago

Can I ask a legitimate question?Why is the world wide lead that big?I mean could you name me some reasons that the PS4 has double the sales of X1. Does it have much better games?Does it have more games?Does it something that the other console doesn't?

MRMagoo1231877d ago

Yes yes and yes hope that helps :)

ColonelRex1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Thats an easy question to answer. The Playstation fan base is just bigger than the xbox.Technically it always has been. And the most important thing, the playstation brand has a much much better reputation. Exclusives is one thing, and its a great thing to have, but its not the only reason why a gamer would choose one platform over the other. And microsoft is really learning that the hard way right now.

ABizzel11877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )



1. It's the most powerful of the 3 consoles, therefore, multiplats will generally run better on the PS4 than the competition. This was 1 of the 3 main reasons the 360 held it's own against the PS3 so well (the other 2 being the PS3 came out and year later, and it was $500 - $600 compared to $300 - $400 360). (Most powerful)

2. Sony proved they have one of the best line-up of developer in the industry winning multiple GOTY awards for their exclusives last gen. (Proven games and library)

3. The PlayStation brand succeeds in an area that MS and Nintendo don't (MS because it generally wants the most successful games on it's console, and Nintendo because it generally wants E for Everyone / Whimsical games on it's console). That thing is called "Diversity among games / genres". This is why the PS console is a strong WW seller, it offers something for everyone across with multiple games across multiple genres. (Something for everyone)

4. MS and Nintendo shot themselves in the foot with these new consoles. The XBO reveal and policies were a complete mess and slap in the face to the 360 gamer, and MS basically told it's gamers to go buy a PS4 instead. Nintendo tired to make another use strong enough console instead of using the technology that was available to them and making a real console for the same price, and once people found out the specs, they realized the Wii U would at best be playing their current PS360 games but at a higher resolution or slightly better framerate and it wasn't worth buying the console until more first party games came out which didn't happen until this year. (MS was anit-consumer, Nintendo just don't get most current-gen gamers)

5. At launch the PS4 was $400, the Wii U was $300 - $350, and the XBO was $500. You could get the most powerful console for $400, and all the positive hype was surrounding the PS4. For anyone who was around for the PS360Wii launches, you knew that the XBO would have to drop price first if it wanted sell well, so any logical person simply waited to get the XBO (and that new SKU dropped in June with a $400 price). (perfect price).

MS and Nintendo have come a long way since then, and both consoles have something to offer. MS has done a complete 360 and are trying to clean off the rest of their image. Nintendo still doesn't get it, but they're pumping out the exclusives which is generally enough to get people on board regardless.

However, when you have the most powerful console, that has a proven history of great games, that offers something for everyone, and priced just right, then you have a hit on your hands. MS and Nintendo simply highlighted all of this even more with their early antics, and it burned them.

The PS4 has simply been coasting as it should have will all that going for it. MS and Nintendo shot themselves in the foot, and had to limp along and make up the ground they lost.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1877d ago

All of the above plus it's Sony Playstation (stronger world wide brand)..I won't be surprised if the xbone sells the same amount of the original xbox by the end of this was it 30mil?...unless MS come up with a RROD 2.0;)

CrazedFiend1877d ago

Lol. RROD worked beautifully for MS's sales numbers last gen. I wouldn't be surprised if a planned 2.0 wasn't around right the corner.


I now see why you have so many bubbles ;)

ShadowWolf7121877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

@ ABizzel1

Complete 180*

360 would be a full circle and put them right back where they started.

Other than that you're pretty spot-on.

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Magicite1877d ago

Obliteration and domination, this is how Playstation rules.

Oldman1001877d ago

Complete global saturation.

aceitman1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

so 51,420 x1 sold compared to 360,000 wow. and to the disagrees do the math 7 x 51,420 equals 51,420. and its a tier 1 launch so nov 2013

Muzikguy1877d ago

You had no disagrees but it looks like you have one now. I think that math is off

aceitman1877d ago

oops let me fix that lmao,so 51,420 x1 sold compared to 360,000 wow. and to the disagrees do the math 7 x 51,420 equals 360,000. and its a tier 1 launch so nov 2013

Back-to-Back1877d ago

I wish all Americans were as smart as the Spanish.

Xb1ps41877d ago

What a shame.. The xb1 is delivering the better games like right now and does more than just games. Like I said what a shame since IMO the xb1 is the better console..

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98xpresent1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"7:1" lol 11 maybe 12 million by now ?

Insomnia_841877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I strongly believe it will be well passed 12mil by the end of October, two more weeks.

souga_houjou_jin1877d ago

12mil was already achieved with destiny bundle i think

kneon1877d ago

By the end of the year we can likely expect something like 15-17 million. The last quarter of the year always show a big bump in sales.

lelo2play1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

"Report: PS4 Sells 360,000 Consoles in Spain, Seven to One Ratio Between PS4 and Xbox One Sales"

Not surprising. The X1 sells very few units in Europe, exception of the UK. I live in Portugal and never seen an Xbox add on TV, newspapers or magazines (excluding gaming related magazines). Microsoft simply doesn't promote the Xbox in Europe, beside the UK.

Contrary to Microsoft, Sony has quite a few adds on TV. Sony even promotes the PS4 with UEFA Champions League games. Costs a lot of money, but it's smart marketing in Europe.

sovkhan1877d ago

It depends on your location :)

Here in France plenty of Ms ads, but still sony is far ahead...Europe, except UK, are more psfans, it's a fact.

amiga-man1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Even in UK the tide has turned along with America long term that is bad news for xone no matter how much MS may try pretend otherwise

ABizzel11877d ago


MS doesn't try to pretend it's not bad, this is why they're doing everything they can to change it, or at least lessen the situation.

It's fanboys who simply can't accept it.

Skylar1877d ago

I can confirm this. PS4 is easily the most popular console in Finland.

beastModeOn1877d ago

If only my spanish brothers knew the gem that is xbox one. :(

Mechanism1877d ago

They do know of it.. That's the point.

1877d ago Replies(6)
MasterCornholio1877d ago

I'm Spanish and I know about the Xbox One. But to me it isn't a gem of a console. The PS4 and the Wii U are real gems in my opinion. I can't wait for Nintendo to release Zelda because that's when I'll get a Wii U to accompany my PS4.


MasterCornholio1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


Its not bad at all. I'm actually enjoying my PS4 on a daily basis. I really have no complaints about it. If I had an Xbox One I wouldn't even use it since most of what I play are multiplats. I'm thinking about getting a Wii U because o love Bayonetta and Zelda.

johndoe112111877d ago

Your name is sort of contradictory to the title of this article. In fact it's sort of contradictory to the rest of this gens sales forecast .

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Niv1877d ago

7-1 Germany Vs brazil

The Meerkat1877d ago

But which nation would you rather party with?

Why o why1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Drive German car to party where brazilian girls are located

MRMagoo1231877d ago

Germans ......have you not heard of oktoberfest ?

TongkatAli1877d ago

Germany because I can speak the language.