Alien: Isolation highly praised by critics and gamers

A week after its release on all major consoles and the PC, Alien: Isolation has been highly praised by both critics along with gamers. The game has successfully defined expectations of many who were anticipating another failure like Colonial Marines.

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stanr1887d ago

In a very rare moment, critics and gamers for the most actually agree on how good a game is. Most gamers were expecting either another failure or a game that bribed the critics for a good score.

WalterWJR1886d ago

No they weren't most people were expecting a good game.

Septic1886d ago

I think people were cautiously optimistic after the whole Colonial Marines fiasco. This got quite a few mixed reviews, mostly from the 'big boys' but overall, its fared well review wise.

But its what you think of the game that matters. Aint that right junior?

WalterWJR1886d ago

Not really septic, stanrs pre conceptions of a generalized opinion of the game are not accurate. I dont recall anyone saying this game would fail and then put it's only success down to shady business acumen.

NotAfanBoyy1886d ago

Can't trust IGN apparently. Game is so awesome!

Not your typical run-and-gun. Very satisfying once you get past the learning curve.

asmith23061886d ago

Yeah I don't get how IGN slated it so much if so many other outlets have been positive.

Phoenix761886d ago

Possibly because most of IGN's reviewers come across as being to young to remember or even have seen Scott's "Alien" movie to be able to compare to game. Whenever I watch IGN on my ps4 most of them look to be in their late 20's, the "Aliens" generation

Bimkoblerutso1886d ago

If I recall, too, there were at least a couple of articles prior to the release talking about how boring the game was.

I don't know. Maybe Creative Assembly and SEGA didn't give them enough free steak dinners.

Bennibop1886d ago

Really enjoying the game but has anyone else had the weird bug where it feels like you are playing in slow mo?(framerate drops and stays down.)


Are you playing on Xbox one? LOL

sk8ofmnd1886d ago

I really liked it. I dont understand all the negative scores. Was it aggravating at times? Yes. Did the graphics/sound (ps4) take a hit every once in a while? Yes. Was the story great? Yes. Was the controls/gameplay great? Yes and yes. If this sounds good to you and the fact its prolly the best aliens game EVAR. Than its def worth a look. My score would range between 8.0 and 8.5. If the graphics and sound didnt take a hit every once in a while it would be between 8.5 and 9.0