Unlucky Gamer: No Beta For You

Apixelatedview's unlucky gamer wonder why he has never been chosen for a beta.

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opoikl1881d ago

I just received my (EU) Alpha test voucher code about an hour ago!

For those wondering, I already got an email previous to the first Alpha tests, saying I was selected, but I still had to sign up for the Alpha and eventually didn't receive a code. BTW, I have a platinum trophy for Demon's Souls.

But now it says there's a new Alpha test this Sunday (The Alpha Test will be open for a limited time on the following day:
Sunday October 19th 19:00~22:00 (CET), 18:00~21:00 (BST) ) and I finally got selected!

Hell yesh!

jokerman271880d ago

That's awesome! I'm hoping I get selected for the Fable beta that I signed up for a couple days ago.

Game0N1879d ago

lighten up dude, your readers dont wanna read this down syndrome shit