Stunning New Halo 2 Anniversary Blur Cinematic Screenshots Released

A new set of cinematic screenshots have today been released for Halo 2 Anniversary.

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guitarded772285d ago

Some would say it's "Stunning".

Torque_CS_Lewith2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Feels like a DualShockers article. Headline at least.
Needs more Abriael

ArtificiallyYours2285d ago

Lord Hood is pure badass, and the Arbiter... I'd just reach out and touch faith, this is beauty.

OpieWinston2281d ago

Lord Hood = Ron Perlman = Clay Morrow = Hellboy

Arbiter = Keith David = Admiral Anderson = Spawn

Awesome characters that hopefully both continue making appearances in Halo. Arbiter already confirmed for Halo 5...Hopefully Lord Hood pops in.

johny52285d ago

They should have never built it on top of the original engine. Just imagine what it could have looked like if it didn't!

ChickeyCantor2285d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure they kept the logic in tact while abstracting the visual engine. For a remake this is how it would look anyway.

OOMagnum2285d ago

This looks stunning but im going to hate going from this quality, back to halo 3 cutscenes when I play them thru.

TheBoy2285d ago

XboxWon, Halo MCC best exclusive for next-gen by far! <3

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