Child Of Light Might Be The Best Game I've Played In 2014

This gorgeous little RPG might be the best game of 2014, especially with all the blockbusters that just didn't deliver on their lofty promises.

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Metallox1878d ago

That art style might be the most beautiful I have seen in the video game media this year. As a game, it's been one of my favorites as well. For me it's even enjoyable just standing in the Plains of Rambert and just hearing to the music.

Ezz20131878d ago

i didn't play it
heard nothing but praise about it

trenso11878d ago

its a great game with an interesting art styles and good story,equipment and leveling system has some depth, and the combat is also very rewarding for careful planning and correct timing. Its like $15 dollars and worth every penny. Other than the scarcity of gems used for upgrades, for the type of game that it is, there is nothing wrong with it.

sobotz1878d ago

You should see Trine 2 too, it's magical.

-Foxtrot1878d ago

Lovely game but the rhyming could need some work

Need some lessons from a master


Metallox1878d ago

I agree. The narrative, at least in Spanish, is horrendous, or at least for my taste of poems that try to replicate a fairy tail setting; some verses were too long, others were too short, and hence the result is underwhelming, the metric does not feel good, especially considering this game tries very hard to find rhymes.

-Foxtrot1878d ago

I know, sometimes your like "Did she just try and rhyme that word with that word"

In the end some of the lines don't work very well.

1878d ago
Tex1171878d ago

I enjoyed the game as well. The music and art design were outstanding.

Can't say it was the "best game of 2014" though.

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