5 Characters Who May Be The Arkham Knight

With the delay to Batman Arkham Knight fans are once again speculating if the Arkham Knight is actually an existing character. Here are some characters who may be the Arkham Knight.

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Heisenburger1884d ago

It's all an illusion created by the fear toxin... Buh buh bummmmm!

shadow18spirit1884d ago

Thats actually possible , but i hope its the joker somehow.

04roacht1882d ago

I doubt its the Joker but would not be that surprising if it were.

Heisenburger1882d ago

Lol right? I said it as a joke to my friend, and then thought "I hope I didn't just ruin the twist."

Not the Joker part, but the Arkham Night being an illusion. My favorite parts of Arkham Asylum were when Scarecrow has Batman seeing the corpses of his parents talking to him, and whatnot.