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Augustus of RGN writes: "Atmospherically, The Evil Within was perfectly crafted. From allowing only glimpses of enemies before an actual encounter to pained disembodied groans and abnormal breathing. To moments of silence, where your footsteps are uncomfortably loud in rooms and halls strewn with mangled body parts, the tension was ripe. Granted, the player is allowed the occasional safe haven marked by eerily played music emitted from behind a door decorated with blood."

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Number-Nine1883d ago

I was really hoping this game would establish early on that it is indeed a survival horror game but it really hasn't done that. Very early impressions aren't great but hopefully things get turned around.

TheJacksonRGN1883d ago

It seems split, some found it scary, others didn't. Our reviewer wasn't scared but feels it may just be because they are conditioned that way. Hell he found Outlast to be more funny than scary, while I was freaking out when playing.