Sony Announces Playstation League eSports Program in Spain

Hardcore Gamer: eSports have become a hot topic in gaming since the rise of games like League of Legends and Starcraft, so leave it to Sony to dive into the wide world of electronic athleticism with a league of their own.

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mrdxpr21888d ago

Hope they bring it to the US soon would increase sales I'm sure plus even more brand recognition.

qwerty6761888d ago


about time sony enters the esports scene.

do they really have any good esports exclusive games though?

i mean xbox already has halo what does sony bring to the table?

killzone could be pretty competitive though but that game doesnt have the same popularity as halo or cod for fps.

also what fighting game do they have?

idk its hard to tell if this will even take off with the current games they have.

98xpresent1888d ago

Have you played the last of us MP ?

intellegent1888d ago

Tactical and competitive, great MP.

GameDev11888d ago

You know Halo isnt the only competitive game around

And if you noticed Drive club was in the list, Killzone is a multi million dollar franchise and very popular plus there is nothing in the rules say it only has to be exclusives

Big_Game_Hunters1888d ago

What? its a smart move trying to enter the esports scens but what competitive games does Sony have?

bmf73641888d ago

Killzone is somewhat exploitable IMO but it is a competitive shooter. TLOU can get really competitive.

Jubez1871888d ago

Most fighters are played on Sony consoles if given the chance. I don't think battlefield could ever be an e-sport because 64 players is unspactateable. Maybe they'll bring SOCOM back haha

Big_Game_Hunters1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Those aren't Sony Exclusives though, not to mention fighters aren't that big in general, If any fighter can make it in big in E-Sports its going to be Smash Bros. PC games will pretty much dominate esports forever.

plmkoh1888d ago

You missed the part where this story is tagged with 'FIFA 15'.

Spain + FIFA 15 =?

123pol1888d ago

This is a really smart move from sony, the comp scene on console is dominated by xbox atm.