Nintendo Now Allows You To Pre-Purchase Digital Titles on Web, Send to System On Release

Nintendo of America now allows you to pre-purchase certain digital titles on their official website. You can purchase with a credit card by signing in using your e-mail address and have the code e-mailed to you upon the game’s release, or by signing in with your Nintendo ID you can save your card information for future purchases and have the digital title’s download code sent automatically to your system.

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TXIDarkAvenger1879d ago

Holy this is so much better. I tried buying smash for 3DS via eShop and got an error but it still charged me rofl. Now I have to wait a week to get my money back.

HeavenlySnipes1879d ago

Does Nintendo still do that bs where if you purchase something digitally and lose the download you have to buy it again?

AWBrawler1879d ago

that was never the case. it was redownload for FREE

N4g_null1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

There is so much untrue stuff about nintendo being spread on the internet. It use to be that one lame kid only affected his friends now they affect entire fanbases. The only way to stop it is to have a fanbase like sony that fight for sony as if they work for sony, wait many of them probably do. I mean who really has all day to talk on message forums, yep game developers lol. I applaud you for asking the fanbase directly.

You could always redownload games you can questions them also. The system also supports downloads while it is in a power save mode which looks like it is turned off.

dantesparda1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Sony fanboys, really? Try all fanboys (meaning MS and Nintendo too). Btw, nice hypocrisy there, sounding like a fanboy yourself.

N4g_null1878d ago

For some reason I remember xbone fans being ok with the wiiu. There are many ps4 owners that have a wiiu also but it was mainly those gamers spreading the bad info. Seriously you should be ashamed of the ps4 fanbase right now. Xbone guys are pretty much quite and Nintendo fans tend to stay in their own news sections. Yet we always get a ps4 or sony fanboy that comes all the way down to wiiu - village to tell us they are not interested and our system sucks lol. Sorry I hit a nerve.

plmkoh1878d ago

Guys, I'm sure he's referring to the old switching consoles and losing your downloads because of a lack of account system.

Not deleting and redownloading.

MilkMan1878d ago

Good one Nintendo!