NBA 2K15 Review – Get Benched | PSLS

The NBA season is rapidly approaching and developer Visual Concepts has just released their latest addition to the NBA 2K series.

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ftwrthtx1882d ago

I'm disappointed in this one. Was hoping for better.

Yi-Long1882d ago

Seems like all the new next-gen sports games are disappointing: NHL15 is low on content, NBA2k15 is getting mixed reviews, I've got the new FIFA15 which is a huge disappointment (I much preferred FIFA14), and NFL15 also has the mixed reviews.

It seems that many developers believe they can forget about gameplay, AI, content, etc etc, simply because they've got the next-gen graphics and the licenses. Sadly.

JonnyBigBoss1882d ago

Hmm... the graphics definitely look good. Honestly, with the Lakers performing as badly as they are, I've lost interest in basketball. Thanks LA.

TerminalGamer1882d ago

I like the game I just wish they would have polished it for next gen and left the tutorials in

OculusRift1882d ago

It looks/plays great on PC. Probably because I haven't seriously played one since 2K12-13 on PS3.

Corpser1882d ago

2k servers are still crap

DEEBO1882d ago

Online is it's only weak point but other then that 2k is a great game.

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