The Evil Within Performance Guide

Nicolae Andrei at wrote:

"This game is a bad port obviously. It really is a bad port all around, PS4 and XBOX One included.Well, the game devs haven’t left us dead in the dark and provided us with some interesting tweaks to make."

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Meltic1885d ago

I can play it with a good stable fps. I only notice some pop ups sometimes but nothing major.

Honest_gamer1885d ago

I love this game but not a huge fan of the aspect ratio.

For anyone who is intrested check out my lets play of it here :-)


jspsc1231885d ago

is it not 16x9? i couldnt tell in the video.

Honest_gamer1885d ago

No its 2:something it has black bars on the top and the bottom its cinimascope resolution or something like that :S Heres my part 1 video:

Skip into it anywhere and you will see the black bars, its very annoying if you play on a small screen (less than 26 maybe even 30 inch) looks okay on my 60 inch tv but my gaming monitor? not so much

hiawa231885d ago

I don't have an issue with the black bars, but does anyone know why they opted to go with them at all?

starchild1885d ago

They did it to help performance on the consoles under the guise of being "more cinematic". Make no mistake, they did it because it is easier to render fewer pixels on screen than more.

hiawa231885d ago

Interesting, never even thought of that..