New update for Driveclub today, October 14th

The makers of Driveclub offer us another feature in today's ongoing updates.Friendly leaderboards are now available.


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HaveAsandwich1882d ago

did the ps+ version ever release for U.S?

amiga-man1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

PS+ version may be a while judging how the servers were up and down today, but when they are running this game is a blast,
every place hard fought and frenetic, choosing the right car making all the difference,

My daughters boyfriend loves it.

VenomUK1882d ago

I've been playing the single player since last Thursday night but haven't managed to connect to the network, not even once.

amiga-man1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Venom I find that surprising, I have connected numerous times even joined a club today to not find the servers up and running at least once is very unlucky.

But once you are be ready for battle, I'll be waiting lol

uth111882d ago

@Amiga-man - I had a very hard time connecting until the past two days. And even when I did connect, usually nothing worked. Last night the online finally ran decently, so a glimmer of hope there..

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dcj05241882d ago

Checked last night, still no

caseh1882d ago

Expect it next month, they still haven't sorted out the retail versions yet which is pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

frezhblunts1882d ago

Disappointing, people say well it is free. You pay for ps plus and you don't get free games without. I was thinking this would be a decent month on ps4 ps plus but not really. Well I am tired of indie games but I saw people liking spelunky so far.

otherZinc1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

The excuses given to Sony & Drive Club are incredible.

Sony sold the most broken game & broken promised game of recent memory. And it doesn't work online?

Sony needs to give some money back to consumers.

zerog1882d ago

You must have forgot about battlefield 4. Its almost the aniversary of that disaster.

CuddlyREDRUM1882d ago

They could release it as an offline-only version of it, but choose not to.

The number one rule of Driveclub is don't release the PS Plus version of Driveclub.

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Zenith4k1882d ago

Nope not out in uk no idea when, I'm waiting for it to see if I will buy the full version I'll make my own mind up

garos821882d ago

likewise. gonna try before i commit.

FunkMacNasty1882d ago

I'm going to try the free ps plus edition when it's available, but im sorry to say I'm not even that excited to try it anymore.. This was one of my most anticipated games on ps4, but quite honestly, after such a botched release and seeing only mediocre review scores from most trusted gaming websites, in not really even that excited anymore. It just seems, from reading the reviews and the accounts of people who bought the game, that it's just a hollow track racer.. I mean, you can't even customize your car? And you can only choose from a few pre-loaded liveries for visual customization??? Really??? I'll wait for The Crew to get my racing fix.

bloop1882d ago

It's definitely worth getting if you get the Ps+ discount. It might feel a little bare bones on content but the racing itself is a blast. The sense of speed is amazing and races are always close and tense. Theres still a good few issues they need to sort out with updates like the penalties etc. (and get those damn servers up 24/7 already) but at its core, for the racing it's worth the purchase.

llxKonanxll1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

The game is superb.

@ the Disagrees / Play the game first.

u4one1882d ago

I did and I disagree. The game is ok. Superb is definitely not a word I would use to describe it.

llxKonanxll1882d ago

I’d like to know out of curiosity; what did you not like about the game that makes it “ok”?

u4one1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Sure. First off, don't get me wrong, I'm a car nut and I think DC does a fantastic job of making them look beautiful and I do have fun with it.

My problems with it are as follows:

The physics are kind of weird to me. Like the cars are way too sticky. They stop way too fast and it makes it even hard to drift. Its like its an arcade racer all the way. I know some people may say this straddles the sim line but I don't see that. I think its totally arcade thats just a little bit more difficult than say Burnout. Difficulty ≠ Sim.

I think the AI is too predictable and robotic. Its going to take the absolute perfect line no matter what the circumstances are. If you are where it wants to be at that second it just rams you. This is not realistic.

The lack of tuning, upgrading, modding, painting, sharing etc are also bummers. I'm coming at this game from Forza where customizing your car, tuning it, upgrading it, showing it off, trading, gifting etc are all just as important as the driving which to me is also just better. Forza 5 is a proper sim like Gran Turismo (which I also love) and even Forza Horizon 2 offers offers great physics even though they are a bit more forgiving than Forza 5. It also offers all of the customization and socialization that F5 does as well including tons of content. That brings me to my next issue with DC. Its content is lacking. 50(ish) is cars - all european except for one - vs. 220+ cars in FH2 and Project Cars and probably closer to 300 at this point in F5.

I think DC is a decent start to some new IP but it didn't blow me away. I felt it was simple and lacking. I love the challenges you can issue and the way the clubs work but its just not enough to shake this feeling of incompleteness I feel with it, and it doesn't have great physics (in my opinion) to make up for what its lacking.

Just my own personal thoughts of course. :)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1882d ago


I bought the retail and I have absolutely no regrets. Now i'm just waiting for the servers to come back online. There are people who haven't even played the game who are passing judgement while waiting for the free version. The single player mode is enjoyable, just imagine how the multiplayer/DriveClub modes will be.

oasdada1882d ago

I got the game primarily for SP cuz i loved pgr nd i hv to say i love every second of it.. nd eve1 shud remember its a simcade.. btw i got it b4 release

tlougotg1882d ago

I committed to the game and in no way do i think Evo and Sony should get a pass on how the launch went, but what i will say is that the game is great imo. The game looks great, handles well and atmosphere is awesome. I have played few online matches and it gets really intense and omg the transition from day to night makes the levels seem like new ones all together.

I have been staying up every night till like 3am, waking up to work tired because im kind of addicted. I have played several online matches but of course there are many online issues still.

nX1882d ago

Hahaha and I thought I was the only one. When everybody in my house sleeps, I'm awake playing Drivceclub with headphones and disabled HUD... today I was asked why I'm so tired this week lol

Zenith4k1882d ago

Cool that's what I'm hoping really want a car game that keeps me comming back here's waiting for ps+

Gore-Content1882d ago

At least they're doing SOMETHING.

nX1882d ago

Well they are getting paid for it and they don't want to ruin their reputation, so they're not only doing something but everything they can to fix this mess. I can imagine that it's very depressing for them to see that the servers are still not working properly. I'm almost sure that at least their network team worked during the last weekend as I've noticed that different parts of the game were locked at different days.

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