IL-2 Sturmovik devs to shut down game unless Metacritic user review score increases

According to a post by a community manager on IL-2 Sturmovik's forums, the game's developers are threatening to shut down the game unless its Metacritic user review score increases.

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Hendrickson1882d ago

Best to shut down rather than blackmail users for positive ratings!

DesertFoxJr1882d ago

Agreed. The lack of integrity is astounding. I do feel for the devs as it seems as though they work hard, but this is NOT the way to go about promoting the game.

TheJacksonRGN1882d ago

Yeah this does seem pathetic but don't forget people just abuse the user score system trolling and such. Maybe they want the fans who actually like it to help out. Still threatening to shut down servers is a punk move.

VealParmHero1882d ago

Yea I think what they could have done, was asked the true fans to rise up and help out. That still could seem a bit desperate, but I think people could understand it and it sure would have been better than threats.

3-4-51882d ago

Their games for Xbox 360 were awesome and had high scores.

Then they made the Awesome WAR THUNDER, and it had good score and is of high quality.

Not sure why they tried to release this.

Or re-release this I should say.

* They make high quality games with good ratings....

All the people who would buy this are playing War Thunder for free...mad by the same people.

Sounds like a bad management decision.

Hellsvacancy1882d ago

Do people actually use Metacritic and how important is it?

I've never used it and never will

DesertFoxJr1882d ago

I'm sure it's fairly relevant as some companies receive bonuses that are tied to whether or not they get at or above a certain Metacritic score.

Aside from that, I'm sure many others use it. I personally don't, but to each their own.

Foehammer1882d ago

Agree...for the journalist reviews.

The user reviews are a joke, there might as well be just 2 options, 10 and 0.

For the most part the user portion is not a review, it's a vote.

Pay no attention to it

SniperControl1882d ago

User reviews are pathetic anyway, there are currently five 0% reviews of Driveclub by five different people, but all have exactly the same wording. Only desperate fanboys read that crap.

elazz1882d ago

Well I do use it just to see what the general consensus is from well written reviews. (Both users and critics, I don't read all the 0s and 10s but certain are well written)

I actually use trailers combined with personal interest and read in fora about how games play before a purchase. Scores are not important for me

Summons751882d ago

People with even half a sense to them don't use it. They've been caught favoring games and picking good/bad reviews to influence the score and the user reviews are full of uneducated trolls who 90% of the time read as though they never even looked at the game before. It's a trashy site and not really important.

ThunderPulse1882d ago

I've never heard of their game LOL.

ThanatosDMC1882d ago

I hope this will cause backlash and cause a lot of people to review it with 0s or 1s.

GundalfDeGrej1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

You don't shut a game down because of a metacritic score... That's just idiotic.

At least it's their choice and not some publisher. Publishers who punish developers because of metacritic are just the worst.

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