Here's Why Mainline Pokémon Games Aren't on Virtual Console

GR: As a huge fan of the original black-and-white first-gen Pokémon games, I'm one of those oddball gamers who'd much rather relive my childhood on the 3DS Virtual Console with the classics rather than play a brand-new or remade entry in the series.

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ftwrthtx1879d ago

I would have to agree. Some thin gs are better left to nostalgia

Summons751879d ago

I would think the biggest hold back would be linking the games together. There has always been two versions with exclusive pokemon to each and not being able to link up would ruin the purpose.

GamingSinceThe80s1878d ago

I think LOZ oracal of ages/seasons that were on GameBoy color and now are on the Eshop for 3ds still use the linking feature giving you extra content only by having both games.So it can be done if they wanted to make it happen seeing it's the same kind of thing.

Chard1879d ago

Personally I'd like to see Red/Blue/Yellow on VC/eShop

Blackleg-sanji1879d ago

Yea at least give me yellow as that nevee got a remake or anything

RosweeSon1879d ago

Yeah can we not just have Yellow, Crystal and Emerald please. I understand theres the whole link issue but surely can bring out an app or add in a GTS feature of some sort, I fully understand virtual console games are an exact replica but then if they can add online modes in for street fighter virtua console surely a money spinner like pokemon deserves a bit of effort. Please.

George Sears1879d ago

I just play them on my Nexus 5