PlayStation Now Beta Now Downloadable on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV

Sony Computer Entertainment just made the PlayStation Now beta available on the PlayStation Vita and PlaySytation TV.

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Death1883d ago

I'm still impressed they call it a beta with a working business model.

Abriael1883d ago

I'm not sure "Impressed" is the word I'd use >_>

Sir_Simba1883d ago

more like early access or something

Stsonic1883d ago

is this just in the Americas?

ThatOneGuyThere1883d ago

you must have never "played" a Zynga game. lol

SaffronCurse1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Glad some of the prices have been adjusted. Rented Saints row 4 for a week and been having a blast with it, playing this on vita will be so cool.

Eonjay1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Tested the service out on PlayStation TV (Playing Now). It works shocking well. In fact, over Wifi, I find that it works better than Remote Play. Visually, there are no hiccups. Virtually no latency and the it feels perfectly natural using the DS4. It seems like Sony put more effort into PSNows than anything else. Functionally, it is flawless playing God of War Ascension.

elazz1883d ago

Have you tried any shooters, fighters or racig games? I know most of them work well but I'm just curious for your experience.

What Sony should look into soon is in what ways they should offer the games. Guess they should have purchasing, renting and subscription models so that everyone can choose.

Eonjay1883d ago

Please Stand by, I am going to test Grid 2 for you.

Eonjay1883d ago


Okay I suck at driving but to be honest, if there is latency, I can't detect it. It plays very well. BTW, Grid 2 controls like ass!

ramiuk11883d ago

subscription is only way i use it.

remanutd551883d ago

@ Eonjay, are you being able to see Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus on psnow? Im trying to rent it but cant find it anywhere.

Eonjay1883d ago

No, I only can find Full Frontal Assault.

elazz1883d ago

Well, you didn't really had to rent the game for me :p

Still Grid 2 is a good game though, not as good some other racers but it is solid. I do prefer Formula 1 from Codemasters.

But well, thanks for testing. It does seem to be a good service and apparantly gamestreaming does work nearly flawless.

Eonjay1883d ago

No problem. We wait around for journalists and we might as well be waiting forever. We have to help each other out.

dragonyght1883d ago

lol i remember someone said he was gonna eat his hat if psnow works on psvita

Death1883d ago

It works on Sonys new smart phones too.

elazz1882d ago

Well, I hope he uses the right seasoning. It's always difficult to eat a hat bland.

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ashen1221883d ago

its for vita too?!! ok thats awesome

rarity1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Works great playing final fantasy xiii now

Edit: I stopped playing for a bit then I came back and now every time I try to play it says: connection lost try playing your game In a few moments my connection succeded's every time though am I the only one having that problem?

Eonjay1883d ago

I had an issue when I first started playing where it said I bought the game but wouldn't start. Interestingly enough, it didn't actually charge me and was able to play! Don't tell Sony though lol.

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