Mikami: We Give Players The Enjoyment Of Conquering Fear

Shinji Mikami explains the essence of The Evil Within according to the developer, Tango Gameworks.

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Festano1883d ago

This game inspires me, unfortunately I have not yet taken but from the video you found on the net seems very interesting.
I await your review as soon as possible.

Alexious1883d ago

If you play on PC, it might be worth it to wait a bit while more fixes and improvements are found, though.

GamingAngelGabriel1882d ago

That letterboxing seems pretty ridiculous to me.

camel_toad1882d ago

I was just about to start playing in a little bit for the first time (on pc) - what all problems does it have at the moment? Im still working on alien and just started borderlands so if the problems are that bad I may wait for the fixes.

theshredded1882d ago

that's why traditional horror is best!these hipster run,hide and seek first person games are just shallow

jbrock111882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Hate to say it cause I'm a big fan of the original RE's but this game is boring in my opinion. Nothing really scary about it. A good horror game for me uses a more subtle approach like PT. There is nothing subtle about this game just gore on top of more gore. Then again, if that's your thing, it's a 10/10. For comparison though, I'd have to say that even a game like Alien Isolation is scarier than this. That's not even taking into account the last gen looking graphics and terrible story. Not sure why TEW is getting pretty decent reviews.

SuperBlunt1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

This game stomps on resident evil. I thought* aside silent hill the horror genre was a frigging joke. Play this game at night with headphones on an still say what you did. Technically this game is an 8, atmospherically....its one of the best games I have ever played

Roccetarius1882d ago

If that's one of the best you've played, then that speaks volumes about credibility..

Roccetarius1882d ago

The Evil Within is pretty much the RE4 of this generation. It's not scary at all, and unfortunately the controls are worse than RE4 as well.

Graphics wise it's probably one of the worst to release so far, but that also has a lot to do with the terrible IDTech 5 engine.

SuperBlunt1882d ago

Read my comment again, I said atmospherically.

ShellB1882d ago

I definitely agree with you JB. I even went to the midnight release for my copy for PS4. Right off the bat my hype was killed with the poor story, graphics, sluggish controls/camera and the letter box. I tried giving it another shot today but i just couldn't. I returned it and got my money back. Thinking about getting Borderlands 1.5 now.

1882d ago