Bungie left a special message for you in Destiny's loot cave

Gamezone: "It appears that with today's update to Destiny, Bungie left a special little message for Guardians who felt the need to return to the original loot cave in Skywatch on Earth."

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Death3515d ago

Nice. I'll have to check it out when I get home later.

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Corgyll3515d ago

I disagree because I don't think it's "nice".

I don't think it's particularly funny and I'm entitled to my opinion.

(And as stated further down: people care too much about disagree-votes, people are allowed to have a different opinion, as I'm probably about to be aware of.)

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BluFish3515d ago

Things like this, as small as it is, are why I still have faith in Bungie.

TheSaint3515d ago

But they are making it harder with each patch.

ABizzel13515d ago

I don't think they're making it harder, but IMO they're wasting their time patching BS like this, instead of things like fixing the bug that causes the Shrine of Oryx to glitch and you can't beat it.

Or the loot system (which is still annoyingly unbalanced) with what seems like a 90% green, 9% blue, 0.9% legendary, and 0.1% exotic engram drop rate. Or the fact that everything seems to be completely random when rewarding players. Those who come in first place on their Crucible team should get 2x the crucible marks, and guaranteed 2 items. Those who have the best score on strikes should get 4 items, with the rest of the team gets 2. The loot and rewards systems are completely still unbalanced. When you're a high enough level you shouldn't even be seeing green since it's utterly useless outside of 1 - 2 weapon parts.

They need to fix the mark system, and allow you to earn 150 marks each week. It's beyond stupid to me that you only get 100, when the most expensive thing (guns) cost 150, which means you can only get 1 gun every 2 weeks, or 3 every 3 weeks. That's just so stupid to me. It takes 17 strikes on lv. 24 to unlock your 100 marks, and doing that means you can only buy 1 piece of legendary armor for new people trying to level up. That's stupid, especially when it takes a while to level up the armor. They need to cut the cost of armor down to 60 (not 65) so you can at least get Boots, Gloves, and a Bond on your first attempt.

Instead of wasting time on loot caves, get a loot system that's actually fair, instead of making you grind through everything for a slight chance at something good. On top of that the loot caves RARELY drop anything worthwhile to being with, and no one would have time with loot caves if there were new bounties, new areas, new planets, new challenges, new bosses, and just overall more content.

I like the game, but they need to fix the real issues, and stop wasting time on stopping people from farming.

Stapleface3514d ago

So how is that going to work for Strikes ABizzel1? Getting the most kills just means you got the last shot in the most that round. How are they supposed to add up the assists that did more damage to the enemy than your kill shot? What if the person with the least kills did the most damage that round. Should that person get more than the person with the most kills or do they just ignore the amount of work the person with the least kills did just because the other 2 guys happened to get the final shot in the most? I agree with most of your post though. I do think the Vanguard marks are easy enough to get once you do the Nightfall which gives you like 500 rep as well which is nice. That exp boost really helps but I've always wondered about the 100 weekly cap for marks.

objdadon3515d ago

I f'ing love this game! Coming up on 220 hours and going strong!!!

Owvi3515d ago

I don't know if I should be impressed or appalled

Death3515d ago

It really depends on his gear. ;)

Findingcrybabies3515d ago

I'm impressed tbh. I think it would be intersting to know in that amount of hours how many times had he done the same quest, in the same location, the same way, with the same goal, with the same result.

How fun was it? Was it to get "light" and epics? Did you get any?

Panthers3515d ago

People expected a full out MMO with this game, but for $60 and no monthly fee, I know I got more than my moneys worth. Great game, just needs better story telling. I am more than willing to pay for new content considering how much I played the older content.

The story alone is longer than most $60 games.

gamertk4213515d ago

@death. Are you saying there's something wrong with his gear???

Sorry, Bad Santa reference.


Why because people that exploit a game for loot are part of what's ruining the industry... It's called play how the devs intended NOT exploit an already broken game

warczar3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )


I can tell you've never played a broken game before have you? Destiny is not perfect but it's far from broken and anyone who calls it a broken game is an internet tool.

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JAT3515d ago

OMG ..... if you didn't play and finish Shadows of Mordor in that time then I am sad to hear this.


Glorified chatroom!

ThatOneGuyThere3515d ago

can you direct me to the chatroom feature?

You never played the game!

ramiuk13515d ago

shadow of mordor was EPIC!!!!

sold destiny and bought it

Christopher3515d ago

One person's grindfest is another person's Nirvana.

Perjoss3515d ago

"play both, don't be a tool"

This is me, playing both these fantastic games, with a little dash of Alien too but only an hour here and there because it makes me pee a little.

Audiggity3515d ago

Agree 100%...

Can't stop playing Mordor, can't wait to give Destiny away.

Serious faith lost in Bungie. Outside of the tight gameplay mechanics, there just isn't much there. No matter how you slice it.

UltraNova3515d ago

@ Perjoss

"This is me, playing both these fantastic games, with a little dash of Alien too but only an hour here and there because it makes me pee a little."

That last part there is so wrong it might as well be wrong in parallel universes...

PS: Dont go near The Evil Within game, or if you do you might wanna play it sitting on your toilet!

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Jughead34163515d ago

@Objdadon - Wow 220 hours!? Not sure if that's impressive or disturbing. lol. Just joking. But I'm with you man. This game is a blast. It may not be for everyone, but with over 3 million people logging on to play each day, that says a lot about how great this game is.

objdadon3515d ago

Yeah man I have all three consoles and new releases but every time I get home from work it's destiny that calls me lol!


Not really it says there's that many hypocrites that bitch about games with dlc on disc that was obviously cut only to resell... Most people just exploit the game anyway because the loot system etc is a massive flop, poor excuse for pvp, it cod 2.0.... These people are sheep. The devs flat out lied but yet people don't care, they settle on mediocrity... What happened to the core players, it's now the same Internet warriors that camp, exploit, etc this game is trash

JeffGUNZ3515d ago

@ Sinistergensis

Give it a rest man, your comments reek of desperation. How are anyone who played this game "sheep"? Let me ask you this, did you play the alpha or the OPEN beta? If so, how were they not an actual depiction of the final product? I enjoyed the beta and that led me to purchase the game. I can't get on board with people who trash the final game by saying Bungie lied to them when they provided and alpha and a beta that were very similar to the final product.

Really, who is the sheep? If you played the beta and didn't like it, why would one go out and buy the final product?

ipach3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

destiny is totally like mcdonald's or starbucks or something. not really great. but tasty enough when you need a fix. and for some reason the need for a fix comes like every day. and while you enjoy it, you kind of feel like maybe this isn't healthy or good for the world. but you're still enjoying it. people come out and talk trash about the bags of money they're making with this processed, repetitive crap, and you hear stories of unhappy employees and stuff. but then you just go back, take another hit. maybe even defend them. and then just when you're finally ready to be bored of it, they mcrib and monopoly game you. before you know it we'll all see signs everywhere: destiny. over XX billions sold. and of course our kids will all be in it for the free toy they start including. can't wait for the documentary to come out: 'super lootcave me'

VanDamme3515d ago

That's some pretty bizarre shit you're bringing to the table, broseph