Forget resolution. Why Halo is really worth playing again

GotGame writes: Resolution isn't the most important reason why it's going to be fun playing Halo again.

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AngelicIceDiamond1879d ago

Didn't know you can play resolution. And of course Halo's gonna be fun again why let stupid pixels bring it down?

Foehammer1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

They won't

Incredible value, and so much great content

opoikl1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

If only I had known about this collection before! That's because about a year and a half ago I decided to pick up an Xbox 360 just so I could play every Halo game for the first time.

I deeply enjoyed each and every one of them (especially H:CE, Halo 3, ODST and Halo 4) and I even finished every campaign multiple times before moving on to the next iteration, except for Halo 2, which was an original Xbox copy and looked a bit too harsh on the eyes to grant more than one playthrough.

Eventually I'll save up some money so I can get an XboxOne and the MCC. It's just too good a deal to pass up.

mikeslemonade1879d ago

I'm passing up this game. Halo has been a 2nd-rate shooter since Halo 2.

u got owned1879d ago


"I'm passing up this game. Halo has been a 2nd-rate shooter since Halo 2."

like anyone expected otherwise...

Varmint1879d ago

@opoikl I'm in the same boat, bought a 360 around the same time (about a year and a half ago) and grabbed every Halo game (even though I have Halo 1 and 2 on PC, wanted to FINISH THE FIGHT!). I have also finished each campaign several times, both solo and with a partner.

However, aside from shinier Halo 2 graphics, I'm not entirely sure this article gives any reasons why one would buy the MCC if they already have all the Halo games.

I'm tempted to anyways.

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3-4-51879d ago

All those maps.....didn't like Halo 4's though...

Findingcrybabies1879d ago

Its never been my type of game. But nostalgia kicks ass. I have no doubt many people are very happy about this and are going to play the crap out of it.

MooseWI1879d ago

It's all 1080p but the halo 2 campaign though? Right?

Sir_Simba1879d ago

google is your friend and people love the game too much to show resolution any attention.

Sir_Simba1879d ago

all I'm saying the game is good, resolution shouldnt matter.

MooseWI1879d ago

Well I mean from what I found on Google is only the Halo 2 campaign is. Just seeing if that's true.

Volkama1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Yes, the whole lot is 1080p besides the Halo 2 campaign.

And the Halo 2 campaign will probably be the best looking of the bunch (though I hear rumour that Halo 4 looks stonking with the simple up-res).

vega2751879d ago

Even though I have all these games. Im glad I dont have to hook up all my xbox systems just to play them.

Blackleg-sanji1879d ago

I really wish I could get into halo I played the fan favorites (2 and 3 right??) But I just cant get hooked idk anyway glad to see xbox owners get a great title for the holidays

Dontworrybhappy1879d ago

Try Halo CE. Best atmosphere and level design by far.

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The story is too old to be commented.