Deals for PlayStation TV accessories and Vita compatible games

A few deals are currently available for new PlayStation TV owners. The discounts include DualShock 4 for $50.30, 64 GB Vita Memory Card (Import) for $85.99 and Vita compatible games that cost $25 or less.

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PoodlePuncher1886d ago

I had a Vita at one point and could probably get some use out of a PlayStation TV, but the prices Sony is charging for their memory cards is completely absurd. That is the one thing that keeps me from getting one of these, I refuse to pay 70-100 bucks for a 32 gb "Vita" memory card, when a standard micro sd one costs like 15 bucks. I really think this is a big reason the Vita really hasn't taken off. Not many people buying the system, so devs really have no reason to make games for it. smh Sony.

RosweeSon1886d ago

Yawn, people never heard of shopping around I paid £42 for a 32GB Last year 12 months on and I could walk into GAME and trade it for a minimum £30 so over a year ive lost barely a tenner!? Wow, they have to make money somewhere just shop around they really are not that bad, and if you find one cheap trade it in at a place that wants silly money.

PoodlePuncher1886d ago

They have to make money somewhere? They're supposed to be making their money off games not ridiculously overpriced memory cards, but there are not many AAA games on Vita/TV, just indies and old PS1 games, so they have to make their money off absurdly overpriced memory cards. And talking about deals, this post IS a deal, $70 for a 32 gb memory card (not sure what conversion rates are). Not going to buy one off a shady person off ebay or something. And comparing that to a $15 32 gb micro SD card that's more than 4 times as much. I mean I can understand making some extra cash off these cards, but what they're charging is just absurd. If you can find one of these deals send it, might actually consider buying a PSTV at that point.

Pwnag3Inc1886d ago

I currently have my vita for sale on craigslist. There is absolutely no interest in it at all.

Personally I cannot see myself investing anymore money into anything vita related. You would do yourself service by doing the same, unless you like indie games.

Sony has demonstrated that they will give less support for standalone vita, lets hope they don't do the same for vita tv.

Buyer beware!!!!

G20WLY1886d ago

PlayStation TV isn't "Vita Related", other than that you can play Vita games on it.

Do you know anything about the features of this new platform? It does WAY more and is a WAY cheaper investment - it's actually a very attractive value proposition, if you understand what it does.

PoodlePuncher1886d ago

Lol how the hell is PSTV not Vita related? It plays Vita games, it has most of the features a Vita has, it uses Vita memory cards, it practically is a Vita.

And what more does this do than a Vita?

G20WLY1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

^Oh wow, you should really do some research if you're going to talk to people like that. ;^)

It can stream your PS4 to any TV you plug it into. That means other rooms, a friend's place, hotels, work. The Vita can't.

It can use either DS3 or DS4 controllers. Vita can't.

It has numerous TV features coming. Not on Vita.

Conversely, it doesn't have touch screen. Vita does.

There's no rear touch panel. Vita has.

It has no screen. Vita has.

Do you see yet, how these are different products? It's equally "Vita related" as it is PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSMobile related. It's a portable PlayStation for the big screen for less that 100. Vita's a bit more than that, huh? I could go on, but I'm pretty sure you have access to google just the same as I do...smdh

Mikey322301886d ago

Playstation TV is a playstation vita... without the screen. Internals are the same despite a few hardware adjustments to allow for ethernet and USB.. but it is a vita inside a box with no touchscreen.

It is limited to the same OS as the vita because it is a vita. Anything the PSTV gets the Vita will get an viceversa.(except for peripherals). Its the same device in different form factors.

hkgamer1885d ago

unless they change the gui then it is a vita to me.

you said it does way more, but youve only listed ds3/4 compatibility and exclusive channels(which i have yet to hear about).

G20WLY1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

^No, I also mentioned the ability to stream PS4 to any TV, which is the main selling point for me. I totally get that it has Vita internals, but this is not a handheld, it's portable console.

Issues people had/have with Vita (I'm not saying I agree with these, at all): not enough AAA games, controls during remote play, price, memory card price. It's even more portable, you just need a TV, which many prefer anyway.

PSTV addresses 3/4 of these; it's library is pretty much any PlayStation game, past or present, you use a controller, it's way cheaper - the only remaining bugbear is the memory price - which if you're solely streaming PSNow/PS4 is not an issue.

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MajorGecko1886d ago

so many sony fanboys on this site in denial about the system they r fanboying.. the ps tv is a ps vita..........

burza19821886d ago

No Parasite Eve and Dino Crisis in Classic list? Not buying before they will not add.

MikePWV1886d ago

Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve 2 are in the classics list. Same goes for Dino Crisis.

burza19821886d ago

I have checked twice that full list, is on official PlayStation website and also is on YouTube, some guy showing full list from his PlayStation TV (all of that is alphabetically. So, there wasn't there.

hkgamer1885d ago

you should really state what region you are from.

RosweeSon1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

I've said it before I'll say it again severe lack of AAA you can count the amount of games on one hand 2 at a push its poor even the PSP had far more support than this, major game series all had their own psp versions, metal gear peace walker, 2 x God of wars, GTA And Gran tursimo, vita just gets ports of metal gear ports of God of war, not even the successful game like uncharted or killzone are getting a sequel I understand uncharted what with them busy making number 4 but seriously where's all the games even Vita exclusives that were great (Tearaway im looking at you) have jumped ship and gone to ps4?! Huh get some AAA games for the casual market and they might have a chance as its not gonna happen, unless you own a ps4 and will use remote play vita is becoming more useless by the day. Luckily ive still got Gravity Rush to get through but yeah serious lack of AAA, indies are great and all that but do they push a really technical console like the vita... no! Poor Sony.

As for Dino Crisis its on the U.S. store but not over here in the U.K. Not even tekken 3 has found its way over here? Yes please I would still like Tekken 3, cheers.

hkgamer1885d ago

psp was pretty succesful. had a brilliant start and the style of the device was just amazing. kind of made nintendo make better looking devices after that.

whats good about the pstv is that people who dont have/play portable games will get the chance to play it for a small price. so lots of psp games are now available, just not sure how it looks on a big screen =P

the vita side is dying, but all we can hope for at this moment in time is for pstv to be succesful and push devs to make more vita content.

for gravity rush, im not sure if that is pstv compatible, but if you are talking about your vita then its ok.

ps1 games, the biggest problem with psone games is that we get PAL versions and the framerate and borders is just terrible. tekken 3 had a really bad PAL port so i dont recommend that game at all. tekken5 psp was pretty decent and i recommend that instead.

wastedcells1886d ago

It's only $99 why are people complaining lol.

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