Song List for Guitar Hero : Aerosmith

After boring the American audience time and time again at the super bowl half time show, Aerosmith is now bringing boredom to your home console and plastic guitar. Activision has revealed the song list for the upcoming borefest Guitar Hero : Aerosmith. Fat, long haired, emo kids can now sleep soundly knowing that on June 29th 2008, they'll be picking up their guitar and playing "Train Kept A Rollin" and "Walk This Way".

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BkaY5575d ago

isnt that awsome if they have made a "guitar hero: metallica "...

kornbeaner5575d ago

I believe IGN broke news that a metallica version would be the next band centric version of the game. But not sure.

JS1HUNDRED5575d ago

wow, this has only been approved 3 times

RageFan5575d ago

This guy sure don't know the first thing about music...

ps3FTW5575d ago

The guy who wrote this is kinda a asshole.

titntin5575d ago

I've played this since last week and, not suprisingly, the highlights are most definately the non aerosmith songs. Career is just 31 songs, and theres few bonus songs. When you're not playing Aerosmith them selfs, the characters are exactly the same as the previous title, but obviously the venues are different.

This whole game is a real 'cash cow' and definately an opportunity to milk the title for all the money they can get. With its limited amount of songs, its not good value money, and if, like me, you're not a fan of the dreadfully mediocre Aerosmith, there are very few highlights that make it worth playing. Its also pretty easy compared with GH3, and there was only one song I didn't get 5 stars on with my first play, and plenty I got gold stars on immediately (and I'm not that brilliant).

A big dissapointment, but still more fun for solo guitarists than the disapointing 'Rock Band', simply as the note layout is far superior and the songs have intersting guitar patterns... rent or borrow is my suggestion!

kornbeaner5575d ago

"dreadfully mediocre Aerosmith", yeah I guess thats why they've lasted 20+ years in the industry.

titntin5574d ago

And.. 'take that' sell bucket loads of records! Does that make them brilliant?

Simply making music for a long time doesn't make you any good or any less of a mediocre band.

Fact remians that its sheer relief to play the tracks on this game that are from all the other bands...

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No band-specific Guitar Hero games this year

Neversoft's Brian Bright has told GamerZines that Activision has no plans to launch any band-specific Guitar Hero games this year, telling us that "this year they (Activision) really wanted to just focus on two games," presumably the recently announced Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2.

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T9X694850d ago

How about no Guitar Hero games at all this year!

Staircase4850d ago

First thing i thought when i read the title.

T9X694850d ago

Yup, IMO Guitar Hero died after 3.

e-p-ayeaH4850d ago (Edited 4850d ago )

Then why it concerns you?

EDIT: I really wanted a Megadeth´s ver.

squallheart4850d ago

lol now theres some good news seeing how all those band specific games didnt fair much


Activision Can't Keep Screwing People Over and Stay Number One

Craig Hasselback writes: "Activision just continues finding new ways to go from the popular publisher that stayed the course and rose to number one, to being the big jerk that is too big for their own britches as my grandpa would say. Since becoming the number publisher, Activision has done everything possible to piss off gamers."

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logichurtsfanboys4913d ago

Well sadly, until the average gamer realizes that they are getting screwed over, Activision is going to be number 1 for a while(as much as I hate to say it).........

BeaArthur4913d ago

Well since the population of sites like this only make up less than 1% of the fan base they will probably be on top for awhile. We can see what Activision is doing but those 2.5 million that just bought the new MW2 map pack have no idea.

Chris3994913d ago

A consumer's only power is with his/ her wallet. Until people start speaking with that, there will be no change. And as Bea pointed out, we're in the minority here, us informed enthusiasts.

The average consumer is entirely unaware of the conflict going on at ActiBlizz and the fragmenting of Infinity Ward. Nor do they care. I guarantee that come fall of this year (about time for another MW release, no?) they'll be standing at their local Walmart waiting to pick up a copy of MW.

maxcer4912d ago


"Like pigs to the trough, people gobble up each new COD release."


2Spock4912d ago

Well there are rumor's of activision holding your family hostage if you don't buy their games. Ohhh crap speaking of which i need to go buy "How to train your dragon" on all platforms....hope it's not to late.

Pika-pie4912d ago

They can only be number one for so long without giving us new and original franchises. They can only milk things for so long.

Music games are on the down
Tony hawk ride was a massive flop
WoW wont last forever
COD is all they have. Seen as how MW3 wont be made by infinity then it wont be as successfull.

raztad4912d ago


General consumer is not aware of developers, publishers or those details. Dont expect COD to go down because IW demise, and it makes sense, why people should be concerned with game industry inner politics? fans take things to heart but random Joe doesnt care.

coolcole934912d ago

Perhaps we should make some positive PSN chain spam.

Make one about how Activision are ripping you off and to send it to everyone on your friends list.

Megaton4912d ago

With massive ad campaigns reeling more and more consuming zombies/pop culture retards into the gaming world, you're gonna have more "gamers" who are completely clueless to what's actually going on in the industry. We at N4G are an extreme minority, and even here a lot of people still went out and bought MW2 knowing the things Activision does.

It's hopeless.

erathaol4912d ago

Even if sales begin to falter, as they are already doing because they are driving their major franchises into the ground, Activision will continue to be at the top because of one major reason: Blizzard. Everyone seems to casually just block it out of their minds that the two companies are one and Kotick is President and CEO of the whole thing.

Got to hate how life just likes to bite you in the butt sometimes.

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Yi-Long4913d ago (Edited 4913d ago )

... it seems they can.

You need to get the message across with your wallet!

If you LOVE gaming, and if you HATE the way Activision is doing business: DON'T BUY ACTIVISION GAMES (or buy them used) and certainly DON'T BUY THEIR DLC!

It's THAT simple!