Dead Rising 3 Studio to Go Multi-Platform With 3rd Person Action Game with "Best in Class Visuals"

In the past few days the developer of Dead Rising 3 Capcom Vancouver has published several career opportunity ads which confirm that the studio’s new and unannounced games could go multi-platform from the outset.

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AngelicIceDiamond1883d ago

Capcom Vancouver new multiplat game incoming.

BattleTorn1883d ago

I'm from Vancouver, woot woot!

starchild1883d ago

Oh, cool, I'll be there at the end of the month.

BattleTorn1883d ago

Who F disagreed!

Unless you can prove I am not from where I say I'm from. GTFO

GameNameFame1883d ago

Yup. Temporary exclusive by ms. Even if you can call it exclusive.

mikeslemonade1883d ago

Lame.. I like Dead Rising 3. MS needs to buy more exclusivity rights for their IPs.

FITgamer1883d ago

@Mikeslemonade DR3 isn't going multi-plat. The devs who made DR3 are making a new multi-plat IP.

Seafort1882d ago

@FITgamer Dead Rising 3 is already multiplatform. It's on Xbox One and PC.

Microsoft do not own the PC platform so don't come back at me with that excuse.

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ThunderPulse1883d ago

I guess they learned their lesson on not putting games on the PS4.

Concertoine1883d ago

Article is misleading because they made Dead Rising 2 which was multiplat among other games. They have effectively "been" multiplat.

Riderz13371883d ago

Seems like DR3 didn't perform well on Xbox One.

otherZinc1882d ago


Infamous Second Son:790k sold US
Killzone SF: 700k sold US
Dead Rising 3:800k sold US

I'd venture to say Dead Rising 3 sold good enough.

ChronoJoe1882d ago

Let's pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist, right Zinc?

US sales for Infamous Second Son and Dead Rising 3 are actually both estimated to be around 730k (although more have probably been shipped to retailers), but wordwide Second Son has sold over 1.8m units, compared to Dead Risings 1.1m (with at least 1.2m shipped).

Further, Capcom recently announced that they need 2m sales to consider a triple A title worthy of a sequel. Dead Rising didn't meet that figure, and with that in mind the multiplatform move makes sense.

FernGully1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )


Its obvious to everyone mate, that "Bundle-inZinc" is pissed that Microsoft lost the US and that the games she hates on made more money than games she promotes on Xbone that.... Btw, She doesnt even own! More salt poured in the womb mate, when NPDs came out last month and his, im sorry, her system of choice got bloody blown the F__ out in software AND hardware sales. Now she has to go sit in a corner because she wont get another Dead Rising. Mates, this little girl OtherZinc is so bloody fanboyish that she makes me hate my Xbox for no reason. And Im loving my Xbox right now! Forza Horizon 2 is the Sh__! But gamers see the flaws in both systems, admit to them, and can still have fun on them and even buy both systems. Look at her comment history. She NEVA admits anything is wrong with Microsoft . EVA! In his, Im sorry, her eyes, Microsoft is perfect and Kinect is...LOL.. the F______g future! LOL!!! Thats how emotional she is mate. GTFOH!!!

Neixus1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

It's not best in class unless if it's exclusively on either PC or Ps4, which it isn't.

But will probably look good regardless!

HeWhoWalks1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

In fairness, the Xbox is capable of pumping out some "in class" stuff, and Nintendo is nothing BUT classy!

OT: A man wonders what's what, here.

Fireseed1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

"It's not best in class unless it's exclusively on PC."

Fixed it for ya.

ScottyHoss1883d ago

UC4 is 3rd person, is it on PC?

Fireseed1883d ago

OH! UC4 will be in 4k? Awesome I guess if that's true then the PS4 really is a godlike machine and truly best in class... but if it wasn't and the game only runs in 1080p... then I guess from a technical stand point (which is the ONLY point we were talking about) the PS4 is a middle of the, average piece of hardware... with some really good exclusives if that makes you feel better.

Fact of the matter is if you think the PS4 hardware is on some ethereal god like plane of existence compared to the X1... then you're delusional if you think that level is even close to PCs.

SojournUK1882d ago

I own a PS4 and play it a fair bit, but I must admit I agree with fireseed - you can't beat a PC when it comes to power, there is no argument on that.

Even when you are talking same resolutions ie 1080p instead of 4K the textures and smoothness of everything on my PC tend to blow my PS4 games out of the water.

ChronoJoe1882d ago

Since when does a game need to be 4k to be the 'best in class'.

Nintendo make the highest 'class' of platformers, and they are 720p. Same for Naughtydog, best third person action adventure games in their class.

Lower resolution doesn't stop a game from being fun. Gameplay should always be a priority.

If you don't understand the notion of playing a game for the sheer pleasure of doing so, rather than its technical fidelity then I truly feel sorry for you, because you are missing out on so many fantastic experience, and only you and your ignorance are to blame.

Fireseed1882d ago


A game needs to be 4k to be "best in class" since the ability to project in 4k came about... hence "Best in class." That's kinda what the term effing means. To be at it's best. And since we were SOLELY TALKING ABOUT VISUAL FIDELITY it's not best in class unless it can achieve you know... best in class visuals.

Im not talking about how fun the games are, Im talking purely visuals. Neixus decided that PS4 and PC were "Best in class" visuals. But somehow the X1 wasn't. So I reminded him that the PS4 is not some godlike rendering machine sent from Mt. Olympus. It's an average middle of the road PC in terms of visuals.

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xHeavYx1883d ago

Does that mean they are joining ND? =P
Will be interesting to see what they are working on

Neixus1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Visuals do include framerate though.
And i doubt someone else will be able to dethrone ND, because Uncharted 4 looks incredible good, and targets 60fps

Guy who disagrees; The definiton of visuals is a picture, piece of film, or display used to illustrate or accompany something.

Bodge1883d ago

You know who else targets 60fps? Ubisoft.

MSBAUSTX1883d ago

You know who does target and achieve 60 FPS? Platinum Games.

Golden_Mud1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

You know who keep their promises including 60fps? Rockstar Games :P

MelvinTheGreat1883d ago

I love how people always compared game visuals to a heavily scripted trailer, call me butthurt or an xbot all you want but you cant compare a completed game to a heavily scripted, no action trailer released almost 2 years before the shedualed release of the game

ScottyHoss1883d ago

Which was captured from a PS4, rendered in real time, two years before release date. That's still visuals, trailer or not, as it's a trailer of in game footage. Also what game are we comparing it to, people above only mentioned developers and if you mean Capcoms game it's probably further away than UC4.

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Paprika1883d ago

Best in class... hmm, very optimistic. I'm intrigued.

Ka7be1883d ago

How about "Best in Class Gameplay"?

Rainbowcookie1883d ago

Was gonna say the same lol.

MelvinTheGreat1883d ago

Gameplay doesnt matter cause the fanboys cant claim their gameplay is better then the others gameplay

ScottyHoss1883d ago

Ryse and KZ:SF. Great visuals, but horrible gameplay, fanboys were all over each other with those comments, saying the gameplay isn't as good as (insert cherry picked game with good gameplay here).

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