Co-op confirmed for Wii CoD: World at War

Videogamer writes: "Multiplayer, co-op and zapper support to feature in the Wii version of the latest Call of Duty.

Good news for Wii owners, Treyarch has revealed the first details about the Wii version of the latest Call of Duty game, World at War, and from the sounds of things it's going to be brilliant.

Speaking to at the official unveiling of the game in London, the developer behind CoD3 revealed that the Wii version will use a ported version of the Modern Warfare engine and will support the Wii Zapper.

Senior producer Noah Heller said: "It's going to look better than any Wii game I've ever seen on the market."

The Wii version of World at War is being developed by a separate, "special" team at Treyarch, according to Heller. Like the 'next-gen' version, it will have a co-op mode and support multiplayer. According to Treyarch: 'For all intents and purposes it's the same game.'"

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ElementX4741d ago

So with the low-end GPU in the Wii already, co-op will have Atari graphics?

Voiceofreason4741d ago

Epic failure. PS2 had co-op but Wii cant? You really showed your ignorance with that post.

ElementX4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I own a Wii, in fact I'm playing Twilight Princess right now.

I was being sarcastic. Come on, Atari graphics?