I played Far Cry 4 for five hours, and here's what I think of the game so far

Giant tortoises and C-4 explosives rarely make for a good mixture, but life is full of exceptions.

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ArchangelMike1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Polygon... smh...

It was a good read until the final two paragraphs where they just had to let their pretentious BS leak through.

Quote - "Despite all the talk about open worlds and choice, video games are still about selecting from a limited array of options within rigidly defined structures."

Somebody should tell this guy that it is not possible to make a video game (or book, or film, or song) that is completely open ended and without "rigidly defined structures" - the medium would become incoherent and be in development forever.

At the end of the day we want a game that is fun to play, - not a real world simulator. Far Cry 4 looks fun, and I'll thoroughly enjoy it's "rigidly defined structures", thank you very much!

MasterCornholio1886d ago

Polygon does have a history of saying those types of things just to stand out from the rest of the press. In my opinion the journalistic qualities of Polygon are quite poor.

Mr Pumblechook1886d ago

"once again with a rugged video game adventure, the day must be saved by a male lead."

Stupid Polygon acting as Social Justice Warriors when they are the most distrusted websites in the industry. Of course there should be more female lead roles in games - but it doesn't mean you criticise a specific game for not having one.

The problem is the writer Colin Campbell is a hack who doesn't have that love for games needed to write about gaming. He wrongly thinks that his game previews and reviews should be about pushing his political views and not focusing on the game.

zeee1886d ago

How difficult is it to get that website banned here on n4g? Serious question.

UltraNova1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

A not so friendly note to Polygon:

Take your shit and go cover parliament debates, we don't need you spoiling games with your socio-political bullcrap all the time!

Thank you.

Yetter1886d ago

I'd say ever game in the Elderscrolls series seems to pull it off pretty well

ArchangelMike1886d ago

Pull what off? Every game, has defined structures and boundaries. All games have rigidly defined structures and no game is open ended.

Even as brilliant as they are, every single game in the Elder scrolls universe has "ruggedly defined structures". But that is the point, games can still be fun and enjoyable with defined parameters. In fact without defined parameters games would completely fall apart.

NarooN1886d ago

Lol I just KNEW it was from Polygon, just from the title of the article, the way it was worded.

What a trash website. It's like they go out of their way to have polarizing opinions from everyone else. Like giving TLOU a 7/10 or whatever. They did the same with Bayonetta 2 recently, they gave it like a 7.5 while everyone else gave it 9's and 10's.

I know a review score is just a review score, but the actual *quality* and content in their "articles" is trash-tier at best. What a joke of a website. Don't even get me started on all the non-subtle SJW crap they peddle.

Sideras1886d ago

Thank you for the post, saved me from giving them a hit.

Perjoss1886d ago

Polygon are a bit of a joke really.

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GreenUp1886d ago

So many games to buy in November. Not enough of me to play with friends all at once in different games.

johny51886d ago ShowReplies(3)
rawshack1886d ago

ubisoft is taking a big gamble here 3 cool games in the same month.who here is made of money because i remember im not

kingdomtriggers1886d ago

Did they really just criticize the game for having a male lead? Are you kidding me, now ANY game with a male lead is automatically considered sexist?

Clown_Syndr0me1886d ago

But if it had a female lead that would be okay?
So pathetic isn't it!

Phoenix761886d ago

But if it had a female lead that would be okay?

No not really, the PC brigade would come rolling out complaining about women being seen as a stereotypical feminist char within video games.

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