Far Cry 4 on PS4: Check Out Over Two Hours of Impressive Direct Feed Gameplay in Shiny 1080p

If you want to see how Far Cry 4 looks on PS4, you’re in luck. You can now check out over two hours of lovely looking gameplay recorded at an event in Paris.


Edit: one video seems to have been removed, there are three more.

Edit 2: the removed video was replaced with a cutscene-free version.

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cruzngta1887d ago ShowReplies(1)
Godz Kastro1887d ago Show
Rick_Ross_Boss1887d ago

I never finished number 3 so should I not get this? or does not matter for this game

Abriael1887d ago

It doesn't matter. Completely different setting and characters.

Rick_Ross_Boss1887d ago

Damn, I was kinda hoping it was as that was my reason for not buying it, now I have to get it lol. Gonna be bankrupt soon!

Septic1887d ago

Video has been removed

Abriael1887d ago

@Septic: one has been removed, there are three more.


cell9891887d ago

Plus the entire campaign can be played in co-op something part 3 lacked(it had separate missions) that's the number one reason I'm.getting this game

REDGUM1886d ago

Are you sure the whole campaign is playable in co-op?
I've read somewhere that it's just sections like the last game.
I hope you are right though, I really do. It, for me was a fantastic game to play and could really see this one being a blast with a friend.

Can anybody please confirm that's it's all playable in co-op? Even a link with more info!

Thanks guys.


Even though I dispise your avatar because he's a wannabe thug that used to be a PO, I gave you a thumbs up because the 3 morons disagreed with you because you simply didn't know an answer to a simple question 😁

warczar1885d ago

I'm disappointed in you tough guy. Why did you block me? Had enough of calling me a faggot? I guess you had some sister fuckin to do and couldn't be bothered with reading my retort. Who's the pussy now?

scottieleverne1887d ago

That guy couldn't aim to save his life.

tlougotg1887d ago

Played like 30 minutes total of FarCry3 and hated it for the most part and as usual the way the game looked when it was advertised did not carry over to what i saw while actually playing. I definitely will not buy this bs.

BattleTorn1887d ago

Far Cry 3 looks night&day better on PC.

I initially bought it on Xbox 360, took it back, and then got it on PC.

user56695101887d ago

maybe yall should stop believe the reveal footage of the pc version is the console version. what you think about the new batman game that coming out? it looked amazing. only on ps4

radler1887d ago

Yeah, FarCry 3 was terrible and this looks just as bad. Another big, empty and bland open world game from Ubisoft, hooray. I see they're still stuffing that horrible Uplay garbage into the game as well.

I'm really shocked at how bad the graphics are however, it literally looks like Far Cry 3 but with different trees. The whole world is so bland and uninspired as well. Look at Uncharted 2 which had levels set in the same location as Far Cry 4, it looked so much better than this and it's an old PS3 game from five years ago!!

MysticStrummer1887d ago

"FarCry 3 was terrible" - Opinion

"it literally looks like Far Cry 3 but with different trees." - False

"Look at Uncharted 2… it looked so much better" - Apples/Oranges

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The story is too old to be commented.