Ubisoft aiming at "identical" Far Cry 4 experiences

GR-UK writes: Gameplay wise Ubisoft wanted to keep the experiences "identical", regardless of platform Hutchinson say that the "game will be pretty much the same."

That said, there's going to be a few differences, and not just in terms of visuals, with creative director Alex Hutchinson confirming "a few more encounters on next-gen consoles, so a little bit more density, but otherwise identical."

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Future_20151884d ago

well at least it will be 60fps on my pc, also nvidia exclusive graphic options will be a nice feature

Unarmed_Civilian1884d ago

Well on my pc it will be 60 fp.....oh who am i kidding, screw ubisoft.

radler1884d ago

Oh no you'll miss out on another bland rehashed open world game from Ubisoft! Just think of all the fun you'll be missing out on with Uplay preventing you from playing the game and deleting your saves.

morganfell1884d ago

Ever since Ubisoft purchased Redstorm and destroyed Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6 it has been all downhill from there.

starchild1884d ago

Why screw Ubisoft? I don't understand this mentality. Some of my favorite games of the past few years have been made by Ubisoft. Games like Splinter Cell Blacklist, Rayman Legends, AC4 Black Flag, Far Cry 3, and Child of Light were all excellent games.

Far Cry 3 is one of my favorite shooters. I had a ton of fun with that game. And it looks amazing on PC and runs at a flawless 60fps+ on my PC.

Again, so why should I screw myself out of good games that look amazing and run well on my PC just to be part of a stupid bandwagon?

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WeAreLegion1884d ago

That's funny. A Ubisoft game running well on PC.

starchild1884d ago

You and the rest of the bandwagoners are acting stupid. I've played many different Ubisoft games on my PC and the vast majority of them played extremely well. I get 60fps on nearly all of them.

Only Watch Dogs and AC4 were more demanding. But I still run those games with better graphics than the console versions (at least they bothered to make better graphics features for the PC versions, unlike so many other developers) with better framerates too. I choose to cap them at 30fps for consistency, while others may leave them uncapped. But either way they are still better than the console versions, so are you saying the console versions are complete unplayable crap on consoles?

Well, you are a console fanboy of a console I won't mention, but it's obvious why you keep trying to spread this nonsense.

DoctorJones1884d ago

I've got many Ubisoft games that work fine on my pc as well.

WeAreLegion1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Console fanboy? I play PC games all the time. Have you ever seen me comment? I literally just bought The Vanishing of Ethan Carter this week and talked about it. Incredible game.

Where are you getting that information?

Splinter Cell: Conviction runs well on PC. Some Ubisoft games do. Recent releases from them have not, however. That's the point. Even FarCry 3 was much more demanding than it needed to be. At least it runs though. ACIV is such a chore.

A version of a game that you can play is better than a version of a game that you can not play. So, in that case, ACIV on PS4/XBO is better than the PC version. In another case, Watch_Dogs with the graphical fix (Gamers had to fix this themselves, mind you) is much better than the PS4/XBO version.

The point here being... It was a joke. One that actually worked because Ubisoft hasn't tried with the PC platform lately. So, chill out and don't accuse people of being fanboys.

Why would you pull that crap? You're usually so fair in your comments. I could easily call you a PC fanboy because you speak so highly of PC gaming, but you're not. You tend to gravitate toward PC gaming, but you usually speak highly of consoles. I'm just like you. So, what gives?

starchild1883d ago

I take back that part of my comment and I apologize. It was unnecessary and unfair. I was frustrated and I said something I shouldn't have, then I had to leave and wasn't able to give it any other thought or change it. Your comment reminded me of others I had seen and I think I partly mixed you up with someone else.

I've seen a lot of stealth trolling of the PC trying to paint the picture that PC games are mostly unoptimized messes, and that simply isn't true. For example, the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Ryse, The Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation are some of the games I have played on PC recently and they all run very well on the PC. But that goes for 99% of the PC games I have in my library.

I do think your comment wasn't very fair, because two games does not represent a trend. Ubisoft has many different internal studios and I've already pointed out the fact that the majority of Ubisoft games run just fine on PC.

And that includes Far Cry 3. The PC version was a vast improvement over the console versions and it was demanding simply because it was an open world game with cutting edge visuals. The PC version can actually hang with current gen games visually, despite technically being a last gen game. That's how far ahead the PC version was from the console versions. In any case, I can run it absolutely maxed out with a solid 60fps. Even my previous card could hit 60fps by simply turning down one or two less essential settings. For me the game has a perfectly fine performance level for how good it looks.

I think some people have unreasonable expectations about how they think certain games should run and they don't take into consideration what the game is doing on a technical level that might explain why it is more demanding.

I don't agree that Ubisoft hasn't tried. It's easy to sit back at home and make all sorts proclamations, but we don't know what the process of making the game was like, what challenges they ran into, nor how hard they tried to make the game the best they could make it. What I do know is that Ubisoft has been one of the developers to most consistently push for cutting edge visuals and to add specific graphical features into their PC versions. Some of the best looking games I have on my PC are Ubisoft games.

I do think that Watch Dogs and AC4 could have been better optimized on the CPU and memory side of things and I hope they are putting in extra effort to improve their upcoming games in that regard. But those games were still perfectly playable on PC, and looked better than on alternative platforms.

I originally owned AC4 on the PS4 because I had just got my PS4 and wanted a few games to try out on it. But I eventually sold the PS4 version when I realized the PC version looked and ran better on my PC. I'm not saying the PS4 version is bad--far from it. It's actually looks and runs amazingly well on a mere 400-dollar console. It's a great option.

Anyway, I can see that there is definitely a bit of a bandwagon phenomenon going on and I think it is unfortunate. Ubisoft isn't perfect, but they've created some really fantastic games and they push graphics tech further than just about any other third party developer/publisher.

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ThunderPulse1884d ago

The f*ck is Ubi doing lol they are becoming the new EA.

Meltic1884d ago

mee2 gtx 970 here. Everything ultra

ITPython1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Where were these devs last gen when the PS3 was getting royally screwed over with beyond subpar multiplat games that looked absolutely sh*tty and performed like crap? Oh yeah, they were focused on the platform that had the most sales and the platform that was easier to develop for, which happened to be the Xbox 360 (at least for about half of last gen). So while it sucked for PS3 owners, it made sense business wise to cater to the larger audience first. After all, they will make you the most money.

However now that the PS4 has the most sales, is easier to develop for, AND is more powerful, the devs decide to go neutral all of a sudden and strive for parity?

It's really sickening how much MS is hurting the gaming industry. There is absolutely no doubt they are behind this throwing money at the devs and publishers to hold back the PS4 versions of games.

To those who just cannot understand, this isn't about what resolution a game is or any of that.. it is about devs intentionally holding back the PS4, which is a HUGE problem.

If some game cannot reach 1080p or 60fps or whatever, that is fine as long as the devs really tried to make it happen. But to gimp one version of a game because it's competitor cannot handle more is complete BS.

That's like taking a college class and at the end of the semester the teacher comes up to you and says "I'm sorry, but your classmate Johnny got an F in the class. So while you were going to get an A, I am going to have to give you an F too, because we don't want Johnny to feel bad. Just because he never showed up to class and never did any work doesn't mean you, who worked your butt off and spent dozens of hours a week on homework, should get a better grade than him. That really wouldn't be fair to Johnny, and I hope you understand".

CaptainObvious8781884d ago

It only seems to be ubisoft that is going full retard in regards to parity.

It's beyond contemptible what ubisoft are doing with AC:U and possibly FC4, but I'm not entirely sure if MS has a hand in it.

I would have believed it if Dragon Age had parity, but it's comfirmed it doesn't.

I think it's just the suites at ubisoft not having an Fing clue and being completely out of touch with gaming.

Antifan1884d ago

The glorious PC Master Race will survive the Ubi purge on gamers.

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Spotie1884d ago

It's like they don't want sales...

gangsta_red1884d ago

Really, you're not going to get a Far Cry game because it will play exactly the same on every system?

Did you have the same problem when playing your multiplats on PS3? Why this new found concern of every game must be in 1080p or else I won't play it? Is that what some of the sony crowd have truly devolved into?

Ubi wants sales, and the Far Cry series is an excellent series that keeps getting better with every sequel (loved FC3). Your loss if you can't stand to play a game on your system knowing that others are enjoying the same experience on other consoles.

Such is the way of the false entitled gamer I guess.

Septic1884d ago

Silly isn't it? Sigh...

Webbyy1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Crazy thing is he got 15 agrees and counting..

How pathetic

Yodagamer1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Some people like to get what they paid for. Ps4 owner's have better hardware so why do they have to get a lesser experience because of the other console especially when the extra power is easy to use? It won't stop me from buying their games, but I can understand someone who is bothered by it.

starchild1884d ago

What's ridiculous is the fact that all these people jump to conclusions based on flimsy or no evidence.

I bet they didn't even watch the video. The game director said that the gameplay is pretty much the same on last gen and current gen consoles and PC, except for having more encounters on the more powerful platforms, but he also specifically talked about all the visual upgrades the PC and current gen consoles would have.

Some people just baffle me. It's like they haven't paid attention over the past few generations. If they had been paying attention they would know that developers almost always try to avoid saying that one version is better than another. This is just PR speak, just an attempt to be diplomatic and appear neutral and committed to gamers on all the platforms their game will release on. This almost never turns out to be the case, though, when we actually analyze the different versions. The more powerful platforms always show advantages and I'm very confident that this will be the case with AC Unity and Far Cry 4 as well.

MysticStrummer1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Yeah it's really silly to not support a developer who intentionally gimps one version so that users on the other platform can feel better.


I want developers to get what they can out each system. The differences now are bigger than the 360/PS3 days so it's only natural that more people would notice and comment on them, and yes possibly be bothered by them when their TV and console are capable of higher resolutions than the gimped version is providing. I'm not sure why this is so hard to understand.

Some PC gamers have had this same complaint for years, but the difference is that only a relatively small number of them stay on the cutting edge with their hardware so devs may or may not make the effort to take advantage of it. They upgrade and hope devs will use that extra muscle. Console gamers buy a new console and hope the same, and if the weaker console holds the others back of course people will complain. You can't tell me you wouldn't protest if PS4 and XB1 multi plats were forced to have parity with the WiiU versions, even if the gameplay was exactly the same.

The entitled gamer is the one who buys the weaker system and expects to have the same experience as the ones who buy the stronger system.

Edit - One more thing… "Did you have the same problem when playing your multiplats on PS3?"

That's a completely different subject. PS3's multi plat problems were about difficulty working with the hardware, not about intentional gimping.

Mornzie1884d ago

shouldn't game developers be looking to make the BEST game they can regardless of what platform it's on? You know, pushing limits? Seriously, if this is the way it's already going, I dread a few years from now when games are more demanding.

and yes..

The xbox one will be feeling the effects before the ps4 does, yet the ps4 will still be held back.

rainslacker1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

This time I'm going to have to agree with you. The quotes themselves talk about the differences between last gen and current gen/PC versions of the game, and not that they have parity between current gen versions of the game.

Just a few more encounters on next gen, along with a better lighting, water, and physics engine for current gen/PC.

If they make a comment on parity between current gen with both running at a lowered resolution for that purpose, then I will change my stance and disagree with you.:)

Anyhow, on a side note, I've seen you comment on how silly the debate is since the whole AC:U thing happened, but you can't honestly say that if the situations were reversed that Xbox fans wouldn't be as upset.

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medman1884d ago

Ubisoft is fast assuring I won't be buying anymore of their games. Do your best for whatever platform you develop for, it they can't bother to do that, I won't bother to buy.

LonDonE1884d ago

Its why i LOVE used games! seriously i urge everyone to buy this game used that way you still get to play it but without giving any of your money to lazy ass ubisoft!

I hate this parity rubbish never before in previous generations have we as gamers had this bull!
It started in the PS3/360 era and is now full on in this gen.
I for one will not give my money to lazy 3rd party devs who dont take advantage of all the platforms strengths!
PS4 versions should always be better in some way then the X1 this is FACT!

Baccra171884d ago

That's why I love renting. The industry needs a kick in the pants.

gangsta_red1884d ago

Some of you Sony guys are starting to sound more and more fanatical every day. It is seriously starting to become scary and cult like the way you want every game for the PS4 to be some high end superior version or else you will boycott, threaten and just plain cry until you are blue in the face.

Lord forbid you just enjoy a game anymore. That just can't happen, for some reason you have to have a game look a way even though the difference are extremely minor to damn near non-existent.

Fact is, you will get this game. You will make a little noise in some corner of the website universe and pretend this is the biggest outrage since gays in the catholic church, then you will get the game and enjoy it as millions others will.

The new buzz word of the month is "parity" folks. Previous months were resolution, framerate and indie games.

LonDonE1884d ago

Dude dont call me a sony guy without knowing jack ish about me!! look at my profile pic and avatar pic! thats how i get down! i own and game on every platform unlike allot of the deluded fanboys on this site!

If you look at my comment history you will see i call out bull from all of the big 3 console makers! i support all of gaming because i love it so much, i am passionate about it.

But that dont mean i am deluded like some on here.
IF i feel i am being taken for a ride i call it out!! so again dont make your self look stupid by not doing your home work before throwing accusations out there!!
While i LOVE sony and prefer them overall i am not a fanboy, far from it.

A quick look at your comment history clearly shows who you are a fanboy of and a deluded one at that.
Hustle harder and join the true master race! THE EVERY PLATFORM OWNER AND GAMER!!!!

Baccra171884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Nice avoiding of the actual issue there red.

AgentSmithPS41883d ago

Unless they make their games the best they can be on my system I won't be buying them. Within reason of course since they can't spend too much extra time on any one system. It's up to Ubisoft, will they deserve $60, less than that, or do I just get it used so they get nothing.

FsterThnFTL1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

4K/60fps on my PC, yup totally identical to console versions.

_LarZen_1884d ago

4K at 60fps...yeah right.

Unarmed_Civilian1884d ago

shhh , leave the crazy man alone.

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