Is Far Cry 4 1080p on Xbox One & PS4?

Last week, during a hands-on preview event for Far Cry 4, we asked creative director Alex Hutchinson about the intended resolution of the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

His answer, however, wasn't entirely clear, and rather than risk misinterpreting his response, has chosen to print his reply in full.

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Icenfire1886d ago

Maybe you should have checked the article before that showed Far Cry 4 in 1080P for PS4 lol

UltimateMaster1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

If it is 1080p on the Xbox One, then that would still mean parity in which they downgraded the graphics settings, but they still can't go under what was shown in the E3 trailer footage because they could be sued.
Not like they haven't drop the graphical settings from previously shown videos.
I'm thinking Watchdogs on PC.

AliTheSnake11886d ago

How would that mean parity ? It's not all about the overall resolution. Texture quality can make the game have a night and day difference. So does Anti-Aliasing.

SonofGod1886d ago

Stop being so paranoid.

gamer91886d ago

LOL, who actually cares about resolution? If you care this much about 900/1080 then you are already gaming on PC and laughing.

The majority of people yapping about 900/1080 you can’t tell the difference sitting in front of your TV and you know it. But boy do you love your Playstation brand so you better hype up resolution.

That would be great if this site had a check-box to hide the resolution articles. It really is a great site to get ALL the latest news, but the number of useless articles is out of control

mikeslemonade1886d ago

If there both the same resolution then there being lazy developers.

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G20WLY1886d ago

Exactly! We already know it's 1080p on PS4:

LackTrue4K1886d ago Show
d_g1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

"AH: It's 1080. I have to get you the exact numbers because it's too technical for me which version of this it is, but yes, on both."

so is it 1080p or not on xbox one ?

uth111886d ago

yes we can confirm the Xbox One version will have resolution. Too many number is confusing! Xbox Versioning is confusing! Make my head hurt, too technical!

uth111886d ago

too many hedge words. Probably not going to be 1080p on XB1, and there may be a letdown on the PS4 side as well as his answer was iffy there too.

darthv721886d ago

I'd rather journalists ask real questions. Like the inspiration for the game (if its new), the story, the game length and what sort of things we can look forward to when the game finally launches.

Each developer has a vision of what they want to create and they would more than likely share that vision but the trend is asking about res/fps....seriously. Lets get off that horse and give it a rest.

marlinfan101886d ago

The sad thing is, the questions about resolution and parity are actually the questions a lot of people care about these days.

"Dont tell me about the story or any of that crap, if its not 1080p and if the ps4s version doesnt look better then im not buying it!"

cruzngta1886d ago

This guy is trying to be slick...notice how he says 'It's to technical for me'. That reminded me of the guy at the XB1 reveal when he got on stage and blurted out 'Rocket science stuff' in regards to MS new system the XB1 - that day will 4ever sit in my mind as one of the most boneheaded things to say at a console reveal. Its great if they hit 1080p for both but like I said this guy is not really coming out and clearly telling you anything you can be confident of. Sounds to me like maybe PS4 is full 1080p and XB1 is a little less but close to 1080p. Always a mystery when it comes to the resolutions of XB1 games it seems lately.

cell9891886d ago

A lot of ridiculous things were said that day. #fishAI #5billiontransitors and my favorite #thenewwatercooler

Anyway this game most likely will be 900p, then again it is cross-gen

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The story is too old to be commented.