Far Cry 4 creative director says a Blood Dragon-style standalone game could be on the way

A new interview on Far Cry 4 with creative director Alex Hutchinson, reports that we could be seeing a standalone expansion in the future in the same vein as the electric-80s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

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-Foxtrot1883d ago

Why don't they take these good ideas and make them into new IP's

They did the same with Black Flag, instead of making a Pirate game they put Pirates into a game about Assassins and it seems they are continuing that with AC Rouge.

Blood Dragon was great but I would of liked to see a full on AAA styled game and have DLC giving us more to do on the Island in FC3.

I mean a game just called "Blood Dragon" would of worked pretty well.

Rhezin1883d ago

HAS to have Michael Biehn and a similar soundtrack.

MasterD9191882d ago

Blood Dragon > Far Cry 3

I would rather have Blood Dragon 2 any day over Far Cry at this point. There's so much more potential there!