Far Cry 4 preview: It’s hard to shoot when the stock of a shotgun is blocking your view | GameZone

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "Far Cry 4 is fun. I like the setting a lot more than Far Cry 3, and I can tell that there’s a good story in there. The co-op is a blast and lovers of Far Cry will enjoy this game. That said, I wasn’t wowed by some of the textures, and there are bugs that need fixing before release."

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Riggans421879d ago

Those bugs don't sound good. But at least there's a month left before launch. Still gonna buy it.

SirDjss1879d ago

The guns in fps games these days are getting bigger and bigger. Its anoying as hell. The best gun sizes are the ones in crysis 1. They look good and dont take the whole screen. Developers should look at that game and make the guns like that.

Riggans421879d ago

From what I gather the big gun was caused by a bug. But you're right. Bad Juju in Destiny takes up my whole screen

Perjoss1879d ago

There's a few tricks that devs use so that their engines have less things to draw on screen like using a lower than normal FoV, I wonder if a bigger gun is a clever way of drawing less of the environment.

But yeah, I remember one of the rocket launchers in Halo 3 or 4 was gigantic, I did an actual lol the first time I tried to use it.

zacisyoface1879d ago

Cough. Cough.
Unreal Tournament
. .

Clown_Syndr0me1879d ago

Looking forward to this. Unfortunately only got about 3 minutes on this at EGX as the console I was on crashed! But riding the elephant was awesome, even though I killed it the first time round. I didn't think shooting was hard at all and the shotgun was fine.

skwidd1879d ago

I like the guns to be big on my screen. Feels closer to the barrel and shot which increases immersion.

zacisyoface1879d ago

This dude lost me after he said Sure I can go to everything I see, but their are better graphics out there.

Ya Driveclub had way better graphics as well
. .

That is all

Riggans421879d ago

Can you provide clarification? I don't quite follow what you're saying.