Art Producer Stan Just : The Witcher 3 Biggest RPG Ever Made

I wouldn't say that it has been easy. It has certainly been a challenge. The Xbox One and PS4 are new for us as designers and new for our engine, so we’ve had to adjust our engine to accommodate the hardware and make sure everything works as we intend it to. Our engine is designed to be able to handle the next-gen systems, though.

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D3athc3ll1881d ago

Awesome I win!

Not gif me free copy

DarkOcelet1881d ago

I thought Skyrim was graphically beautiful so i just keep walking to admire it . I dont know how much more beautiful graphic i can take and this game already looks stunning . Its games like this where i just stop looking for quests and just look at the environment to really appreciate the hard work poured into the game . I gotta say CD devs . You have reached the ranks of R* and Naughty Dog to me . I cant wait to see how Cyberpunk will look like :) .

Omnisonne1881d ago

They are definitely up there

starchild1880d ago

I do that in The Witcher 2 all the time. Just find myself walking around enjoying the scenery.

Tex1171881d ago

This game certainly looks excellent, but I've heard "this is the biggest RPG thing" so much, Im starting to believe it is just marketing hype.

I hope I'm wrong.

TheTwelve1881d ago

Bring it! The only game I really truly want to play this gen so far.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1881d ago

I wouldn't say that just yet we need to see how big Xenoblade Chronicles X compared to it. We already know it's more than x5 of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Though The Witcher 3 has a lot more NPC. That a given. I would to play it someday.

Lon3wolf1881d ago

Except this will release before Xeno so at point of release the claim would be true (if indeed it is the biggest RPG ever made, although I think it more likely they mean the biggest RPG CDPR have made). Although I am looking forward to Xeno next year too.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1880d ago

im talking about world size not release.

Lon3wolf1880d ago

So was I talking about world size? If Witcher releases before Xeno then the claim to be the biggest RPG ever (i.e. until a later released game beats it) would be true, like having a Guinness World Record until some one beats it.

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