5 Little Tweaks for Destiny

Destiny is out, and the reviews are in. With a score of 76 on Metacritic (and an 8.5 here), it's considered a solid game by many who continue to strive to collect those precious Legendary and Exotic items. While the game's lore and story aren't exactly as engrossing as many would have hoped, the gameplay is what keeps people around. Playing in exciting co-op missions with friends, laying down the law in Crucible matches, or just hunting for baddies in a patrol, you can start to see how this game is setting the stage for a 10 year plan. As is the case with most First-Person Shooters, gameplay is what will primarily drive this series.

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venom061886d ago

76 really isn't solid at all.. let's be real. And it needs more than "little tweaks" to iron out issues with this game.

Man_Marmalade1886d ago

76 is a very solid score. Bungie is actually tweaking the game every week and adding things to it. 343 studios was and I think still is doing the same thing for Halo 4 on the 360. They've added more game types and strike challenges for players. Vault of Glass is an amazing experience. Feels like a whole new game type on it's own.

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kurruptor1886d ago

Agree with most except the public events. Would be too easy. It is supposed to be a random thing (even though it is on a timer, it isn't always guaranteed.

Saelyn1886d ago

I would adore a tower mission select and as well an addition of chat in some way, shape, or form implemented into the tower. Given that matchmaking hasn't showcased itself for certain things would be nice to see or hear ( hopefully )